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Click Here for the video clip of how to buy products on Paypal. (♦♦♦♦ = a highly recommended product for all clients.) CLICK > Index in alphabetical order, on varying keywords (under construction. The ‘Donate’ button above can be used for ‘Counsel Time’, just fill in the amount you wish to pay and click enter. […]

Hello Mr. Hansen, this is Nate Felton with the Bureau of Land Management returning your call. Concerning proof or documentation regarding federal issue or lack thereof. You can reach me at area code (703) 440-1511 . This is July the 14th. I should be in the office all day, you can, I think, just give […]

Dr Ed Rivera’s Class/Student Offer

Posted: 12th July 2011 by admin in Rivera Class

The course shows you why Ed got dis-bared for winning his cases by simply challenging territorial jurisdiction in US Courts. Ed Rivera’s Offer / Class, initially provided by Paul Hansen,, Ed Rivera is making an offer I trust will serve you well the remaining days of your life. In addition to the totally […]

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