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Traffic Citations are not Criminal, says California Courts. Date: Tue, Dec 25, 2012 Subject: Californian proves cops can’t write you a traffic ticket for infractions. This is a subject that is very near and dear to my heart. As someone who has been studying the vehicle code and it’s legislative history on and off for […]

Only US Citizens can register to vote in US Elections, One must be born or naturalized in the United States to qualify, If your birth certificate does not say “The United States of America” on it you were born on land not in the United States and if not naturalized into the United States you […]

Douglas County, Nebraska, Head Prosecutor, Martin Conboy, has his 29 year retirement party the same hour that I had him subpoenaed to appear to testify why he had no 4th Amendment “Oath or Affirmation” in the Official Record in support of the warrant issued for failure to appear on a traffic citation. I think it […]

Pay No Personal Property Tax.

Posted: 7th December 2012 by admin in Pay No Property Tax, Tax, Tax / Property

Ed, If students are looking for success stories here is one of three major ones I have had applying my education from what I have learned as a student. Below is the final letter I wrote for my daughter in Idaho concerning personal property tax. There were three letters total and two responses from the […]