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Article I-25 Constitution of the State of Nebraska (1866 to present) Rights of property; no discrimination; aliens. There shall be no discrimination between citizens of the United States in respect to the acquisition, ownership, possession, enjoyment or descent of property. The right of aliens in respect to the acquisition, enjoyment and descent of property may […]

Pay No Personal Property Tax.

Posted: 7th December 2012 by admin in Pay No Property Tax, Tax, Tax / Property

Ed, If students are looking for success stories here is one of three major ones I have had applying my education from what I have learned as a student. Below is the final letter I wrote for my daughter in Idaho concerning personal property tax. There were three letters total and two responses from the […]

Di-sin-formation that Government Relies Upon.

Posted: 21st August 2012 by admin in Tax

The biggest error in this clips discussing “There is no law that you must pay Federal Taxes” is that all requirement, if any, is entered into, or created, by contract between the United States and a willing, or more often uninformed, participant. If you have a contract with me to mow my yard and the […]