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Two Classes of (c)Citizenship

Posted: 17th December 2019 by admin in Citizen vs. Free Inhabitant

The 1901 Downes vs Bidwell decision and later the 1945 Hooven & Allison Co. vs Evatt decision addressed the latter two classes of (c)Citizenship:  A TERRITORIAL citizen has no rights. A TERRITORIAL citizen is, simply, SUBJECT to The Congress. A SUBJECT IS A SLAVE.    A state Citizen, on the other hand, is also subject to the Congress, BUT, with a Stipulation: ”  A state Citizen has […]

Is there a difference between being an American and a U.S. citizen, in your opinion? Michael Edward, Facilitator at (2005-present)Answered Dec 19, 2018 YOU WON’T LIKE THIS, HOWEVER I QUOTE THE LAW AND AM NOT INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU FANTASIZE . . . U.S. Citizenship The US citizen A US citizen does not have any rights. […]