Archive for the ‘Tax / Property’ Category Does anyone know if, Peter Kershaw / Heal Our Land Ministries1440 State Hwy. 248, Suite Q262Branson, Missouri 65616, has any process to step by step take church property off ‘county taxable property roles’, when not utilizing a 501c3 exemption? Contact me if so – I have information of such independent, of the STATE, […]

To receive the ONE HOUR MP3 audio presentation pay $2.5 HERE and then email me and ask for M1S-36. ((( Caution the enabling act of your state must be understood in interpreting challenges of taxation based on  Art 1, Sec 8, Par 17 of the Constitution of the United States. Paul Hansen ))) Private Property v. […]

Article I-25 Constitution of the State of Nebraska (1866 to present) Rights of property; no discrimination; aliens. There shall be no discrimination between citizens of the United States in respect to the acquisition, ownership, possession, enjoyment or descent of property. The right of aliens in respect to the acquisition, enjoyment and descent of property may […]

In every deed, in every property tax case, the bar association union members will always have a language associating your land with the county.  This creates an assumption of consent of governance due to services rendered.  This must be opposed and challenged bases on no disclosure equals no consent, and no consent equals no legal […]

Pay No Personal Property Tax.

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Ed, If students are looking for success stories here is one of three major ones I have had applying my education from what I have learned as a student. Below is the final letter I wrote for my daughter in Idaho concerning personal property tax. There were three letters total and two responses from the […]

Case No. CIVIL 11-4161, Douglas County Court, Nebraska (2011)  Case dismissed for lack of prosecution at plaintiff’s / petitioner’s cost. The above is a document that is associated with a $50,000.00 property of mine.  A private party purchased a Tax Certificate sold by the County. I challenged the jurisdiction, with brief, as I was instructed […]

PROPERTY TAXES AND GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES Taxes on property are determined by getting a list of all taxable property, appraising each property and then apportioning the amount of revenue to be collected among the listed property according to the appraised value of each property. Knowing how direct taxation works in the abstract only makes property tax […]

Dedicated to –   God – Family – Country Titled Presentation:  Free Inhabitant, NO Property Tax Topic-Why Federal-US / and STATE written property tax laws are constitutionally limited to “only” land owned by the Federal government. This presentation is an essential step in understanding how, and why, if any, the English Common Law courts must be utilized […]

No Property Tax, 10+ Years

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How I have owned this house since 2001-09-21, paid $20,000 for it, and have paid no property tax for 10+ years, Zero from the day I purchased it. People have purchased past Tax Sale Certificates and paid some of the taxes listed but when they tried to sue me they just walked away after they […]