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On last check 42 of the of the 50 states can not enforce the new yearly tag on state plates. I have a friend that has plate in CA in the years of 2005, it is now 2020, and no new tag. He drives daily in HOUSTON, TX. I’ll eventually have a package available on […]

This is an email conversation with Douglas County Treasurer, Nebraska, where cars are registered in the county. >> Paul Hansen 1:38 PM (7-14-2014) I sold a car to someone and they are driving it for now over a year without registering it in their name. They claim they have no need to register because they […]

Personal Property Registry, for 3$ per year have all your property on record in case of fire, theft, or even death. Personal Property Registry: (Click on Spread-Sheet bar to navigate.) Place Spread-Sheet Below From Google Docs >