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In The Independent Jural Society Community Court, of Free Inhabitants, at: Association Registration No. – NE1, State-107, County-01   Paul John Hansen, as plaintiff.                       )                    Claim/Complaint/Request/Notice v.                                                         […]

Attached are new genuine CA Exempt license plates. Issued yesterday (5-15-2013) from the California Costa Mesa DMV. Total cost $0, expires December 2099. This man went in complaining that he keeps getting harassed as he is a “not for hire”, not a US citizen, as he traveled as a right. Possibly this is an “exemption” […]


Posted: 10th May 2013 by admin in I.D., Travel Rights

The US courts demand that I show proof of permission to pass on the highways. Here it is my friends have used them for twenty years successfully. Believe it or not the courts recognize church jurisdiction. When I get pulled over they can run the license by internet: by selecting “Verify – Driver License”. and enter my number 1713146. My bank requires I.D. […]

In every deed, in every property tax case, the bar association union members will always have a language associating your land with the county.  This creates an assumption of consent of governance due to services rendered.  This must be opposed and challenged bases on no disclosure equals no consent, and no consent equals no legal […]

  The automobile plate above reads as : NOT FOR HIRE In accordance to the California Court of Appeals:  Government Employees Insurance Co vs Carrier Ins. Co  1975 Cal. App. 3D 223 Notice to individuals or govt. agencies; owner of record reg. @ >> My friends have driven with such plates as above for […]