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The attached law review shows how a police stop of an automobile is an arrest and can only be maintained as lawful if it has fact evidence of probable cause before the stop. StanfordLawReview-NonArrestAutomobileStops 4th Amendment – probable cause. Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to […]

Verified Complaint, why are police and other officers reluctant to put a “verified” complaint in the official record (process) upon which the prosecutors can act upon for criminal prosecution. I believe the answer is: 1. No evidence of a type of activity that a statute regulates. 2. No evidence of territorial jurisdiction. 3. No officer […]

Freedom Minded Friends: Arrested 11-15-2013 as I was with friends at a country dance club in Omaha Nebraska by four State Troopers putting on a big show. (One trooper said; “we arrested him here about a month ago? I was smiling as I noticed them they had a defective warrant for it lacks a 4th […]