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Client win, no ‘Verified Complaint’ equals no charges, equals no probable cause. Plivate plate, no state registration/plate, no insurance, no state operators license. Texas court starts out hyper-aggressive the dismisses. Click to hear client explain how he has had 30 citations and 30 wins. The 4th Amendment is your defense. All state DMV citations are enforced […]

(WORD only?A) In 2009 I bumped a City Of Omaha Transit Bus at 2 miles per hour, due to sheet of ice. I (insurance) paid the 145$ damage immediately. Office shows up and gave me a traffic citation for ‘to fast for the conditions, I signed the ticket and cancelled the ticket signature the next […]

Verified Complaint, why are police and other officers reluctant to put a “verified” complaint in the official record (process) upon which the prosecutors can act upon for criminal prosecution. I believe the answer is: 1. No evidence of a type of activity that a statute regulates. 2. No evidence of territorial jurisdiction. 3. No officer […]