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You can join this Facebook dialog for free. The sole topic shall be how to convien, operate, and proceed in a common law court of record. This court is the highest court of the American land. Intentional divergence from this topic will not  be allowed. I, Paul John Hansen, shall be the administrator, and […]

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Land Ownership Record, Private Filing For Public Record. (Not a contract.)           >> 1606 Corby, *City of Omaha, *Douglas, *Nebraska            > DEED Owner Prior to 7/21/2016 Paul John Hansen, a man. Conveyed by Deed on 7/21/2016 to Dominion Won, a church […]

Todd Schmaderer, a man, 505 S 15 OMAHA, NE 68102 Emailed > City of Omaha Chief of Police Todd Schmaderer refuses to answer my basic question of where a record is keep where the CITY OF OMAHA took my perfectly good automobile off of my property and apparently sold it at one of their […]