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Three words that seven people, that is seven out of twelve on a common law jury, yep those three little words that terrorize corrupt officials are – “It ain’t right!” That’s it, all US agents fear the common jury, the more independent they are from statism the more they fear them, they fear any court that they do not […]


Posted: 16th September 2016 by admin in Sovereignty

Sovereignty: In A.D. 1793, the Supreme Court declared in Chisholm vs Georgia that the American people were “sovereigns without subjects”. Calif Gov’t Code 54950 …The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. >>

How to Police Your Community

Posted: 5th September 2016 by admin in Sheriff

How to Police Your Community Recently there has been a great upsurge of concern of police abuse, as well as expansion concerns. Much of that abuse has been going on for years, the phone camera has brought much of it to your living-room. The police are often times no longer a community member, they are […]