How to Police Your Community

Posted: 5th September 2016 by admin in Sheriff

How to Police Your Community

Recently there has been a great upsurge of concern of police abuse, as well as expansion concerns.
Much of that abuse has been going on for years, the phone camera has brought much of it to your living-room.
The police are often times no longer a community member, they are more of a SWAT team that’s eager to swat whatever moves.
After twenty five (25) years of studying law there are few things so solidified with me then the fact that “police”, as we know them, are not “our” officers, but rather officers of the “CITY”.
POLICE are OFFICERS, “police = policy” / official = enforcer.
They owe their life to the COMPANY, and guess what you are not that company.
So what are the police in a nutshell, they are people, that have accepted employment, for a wage, to enforce policies, on a specific area of land, that land being owned by their employer, the CITY.
All authority of entities in America come through written permission. First the people have authority by grant of God, in America some of that authority is then delegated to what we call the UNITED STATES, which is an extension of the Confederacy between the States (not the People). The UNITED STATES then delegates authority to it’s agents (employees), to apply it’s written laws administratively upon that same land, which we call “state” jurisdictions, which are further divided into various county areas, and again into “chartered” cities. All the above are divided generally into two jurisdictions, the first being the people (common law), and all the rest being administration legislation ( proprietary governance). In America close to 24% is land governed by this US entity, and the remaining balance of land, 76% being under the said common law of the people.
So you ask how much land does this include, I’ll just use Omaha Nebraska for an example. Well the answer is close to no land, you see the CITY only owns a small percentage of land in what we “call” the city. To find out if the CITY owns a specific piece of the land just go to the COUNTY ASSESSORS of any given jurisdiction and they can quickly tell you the owner’s name and contact address.
Well doesn’t the CITY own all the streets? NO. They own close to none of the streets. One judge tried to convince me that the roads have been abandoned and the city has taken over the care of them. Good try MR, but I need more proof than that.
Think about it, your family has parked your car in front of your house, and used that land since roads were invented and they claim it is theirs, ya right, they may even think they own your house also.
Well if they do not own it then who does? Well the answer is simple, it is “he” who has proof of a deed, and the CITY is not one of those “he’s”.
Well if the CITY does not own it, and we, “the people”, own it, who then has “policy” enforcement on that land?
The answer is the owner, and that owner, in America has property rights, one of those property right is “open roads” to give value to your own property. Property that has limited, or no access, is close to worthless.
In America such land is under “Common Law”, which is simply the law of the community, now the law of the community is what the jury of twelve say it is when needed, and hopefully seven of the twelve are in-tune with God’s Law, to give a just order for all.
Yep, each community is self governed by revolving juries, not by police with revolvers.
Stand up, take a moment to learn the truth, it is not all that complicated, if a CITY officer tries to govern you force him to prove territorial jurisdiction, if he can not sue him for pretending to have official authority on land his employer does not own.
If cops act up in your community make a community arrest, get his name, summons him to a common law ‘court of record’, and let the chips fall where they may.
I started talking of this in Omaha Nebraska courts and soon after the CITY OF OMAHA police chief told every officer to get their house out of their name so that it can not be taken by a civil action, then I was told, by deputy sheriffs of the area, that the top two prosecutors resigned from their jobs (totaling 32 years). All this because I started summonsing them to court, I was told that I would be killed if I do not back off. See more at,
Next time a cop treats you unjustly, or tries to extort money from you without cause just smile and ask if he has a nice house, and then say I like nice houses.
Local communities belong to the people, people in America are to be governed by common law.
This is what many believe is a biblical blueprint for such a community:
1. People who wish to unite an organized community jurisdictions that only include land owned by those same people who unite.
2. Those same people hire (elect) a sheriff.
3. The sheriff then aids the people in applying God’s written laws upon that same land.
4. When needed the sheriff can deputize able men from that same united community to aid in the said enforcement of God law.
5. The jury of twelve men, well equipped in biblical law, is then periodically convened, when needed, to determine the remedy for all damages done by individuals on that same land.

Acts on US land are subject to US courts.
Acts done on the People’s land, are subject to the People’s court’s (common law).
Any act, by any man, to take the authority of the People away from the People is tyranny.
Start stopping tyranny now in your community.

Paul John Hansen 9-3-2016

  1. Interesting…How would current for-profit corporate COUNTY OF ____ SHERIFF cooperate (or not) with people’s elected sheriff?

    • admin says:

      They simply cooperate just as any other good neighbor, every state legislature has a written law that states that they are to honor any court judgment that followed due process.

  2. Scott Smith says:

    I was arrested after pulling a gun on my neighbor because he was threating me to get off his property. I told him and the police I was a free inhabitant multiple times. Should I sue both the neighbor and the police department?

    • admin says:

      There must be a sworn complaint to hold you more than 72 hours, if not a due process violation.

      Also you can challenge personal and territorial jurisdiction.

      Free inhabitant is not an issue.

      Pay a little counsel time.

    • Anon says:

      >>Reply Comments by Hansen<<
      its hard for most of you to understand that if you are on someone elses paid property, you are trespassing if they do not want you on their property, it doesn’t matter if you are a free inhabitant
      >>true<< you follow the laws of the country you are in. >>true, but is this event on US owned land or private land, if on the latter it is of the American common law jurisdiction, not of the legislative jurisdiction of the US.<< and you did not explain of how he was threatening you to get off his property, which leads me to assume you stupidly pulled your gun out, which is justified as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. if you pull a gun out on someone and it wasn't for self defense, you are going to jail free inhabitant or not. >>the issue should be which jurisdiction has authority to prosecute, US, or the People. And yes keep the gun in your pocket unless your life is in danger. Just the same challenge territorial jurisdiction. This I can help you with.<<