Governor of Nebraska, Pete Rickets, and Governess Susanne Ricketts, refuse to be summonsed to court, sheriff called in.

We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

The Governors of the state are conspiring to deny my right to travel the open roads in their jurisdiction, they are summonsed to appear in a common law ‘court of record’ court (the highest court of the people) and they refuse to comply.

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Protected: Hansen v. Ricketts, ‘Common Law Court of Record’ claim, action, against NEBRASKA Governor for failure to instruct state employees of man’s “not for hire” travel right. To perpetually follow this case purchase M1S-48, 5$. Hansen opted to use small claims county court to convene his right to the highest courts of America, a common law court of record, trial by jury. Cost 26$.