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IRS Auditor reveals notice tool to show as a non-taxpayer status. 1. Easy Steps to notice any employer that you are not a “US taxpayer participant”. 2. How to stop the IRS from inquiring into your private life. 3. The US government cannot approach you for business, they must wait for you to seek services […]

FROM: Paul John Hansen, c/o 1548 N 19 Street, Omaha, Nebraska, without the United States. TO: City of Omaha Police Officer – Badge Number 1106. City of Omaha Police Department, Southwest Precinct 9864 ‘M’ Street Omaha, NE 68127   NOTICE – City of Omaha Police Officer Badge Number 1106 is instructed to review the attached […]

Demanding a US or STATE constitutional right is self defeating, never claim residency. Your big fat mouth can and will be used against you. DISINFORMATION, INDOCTRINATION, YOUR choice of WORDS, nullify your birth rights. “US citizens” are people presumed to be acting on USA owned land. “STATE citizens” are people presumed to be acting on USA […]