FROM: Paul John Hansen,

c/o 1548 N 19 Street,

Omaha, Nebraska,

without the United States.

TO: City of Omaha Police Officer – Badge Number 1106.

City of Omaha Police Department,

Southwest Precinct

9864 ‘M’ Street

Omaha, NE 68127


NOTICE – City of Omaha Police Officer Badge Number 1106 is instructed to review the attached Affidavit, dated ___/___2014, and make corrections to any portion that is not correct as pertaining to the event, and mail those corrections back to Hansen as addressed above, ideally in affidavit form, being very specific as to any corrections that you wish to include, if no corrections are made the document will be used in its entirety as evidence in a Constitution of the United States Article 3 (common law) Federal Court.

You have ten days from the day you receive this document to make corrections that you believe are appropriate, making it due to be mailed to me on ___/___ 2014.

If you need 10 additional more days email me at to give notice of the need.

For a copy of this document in WORD format go to:


Paul John Hansen

___ This Request, and Affidavit, were mailed by Notary Presentment on the date of __/__ 2014, affidavit preserved in Hansen’s custody.

1.5 hour assembly, with notarizing time, mailing fee _______.


Chronology, Arrest without Cause, in Affidavit Form, Car Show.

1. That Paul John Hansen, a man, being of 21 years of age or older, hereafter as Affiant.

2. That on September third (3rd), 2014 at approximately 8:00 pm Affiant was walking through a Car Show in the parking lot east of Flashbacks at an address of 3015 S 83rd Plz, Omaha, NE 68124.

3. That 3015 S 83rd Plz, Omaha, NE 68124, Flashbacks parking lot is not evidenced as a possession or territory of the United States, or evidenced as land owned by the CITY OF OMAHA.

4. That Affiant noticed a CITY OF OMAHA police officer, identified as “Officer 1106 Badge Number”, hereafter as “Arresting Officer”, intensely watching Affiant as he talked on his cell phone.

5. That after five minutes Affiant got very uncomfortable with Arresting Officer’s harassment and started to leave by jogging away.

6. That Arresting Officer ran after Affiant and caught up with Affiant after Affiant ran about 300 yards, and the Arresting Officer running about 600 yards.

7. That Arresting Officer caught up with Affiant and abruptly asked why are you running.

8. That Affiant responded; “exercise’, adding “is there a law against exercising/running”.

Arresting Officer asked Affiant if Affiant knew that Affiant had a warrant for Affiants arrest.

9. That Affiant replied; I know of no warrant, though the courts often put out warrants lacking law for my arrest, and that I have been arrested in this area 5 times, all with false warrants and I do not like being harassed by the Police.

10. That Arresting Officer said I was under arrest so he could have a police cruiser come and get me and he was checking on the warrant.

11. That two Omaha Police cruisers surrounded me and a total of three Omaha Police Officers surrounded me as the public watched.

12. That Arresting Officer arresting Officer said that Officer Hansen, who he was filling in for as he policed the Show, informed him that he should watch for me at the Car Show to exercise the warrant.

13. That Arresting Officer ran a warrant search and then said; “Your in luck there is no warrant”.

14. That the Arresting Officer held me under arrest for no less than 30 minutes.

15. That the Arresting Officer said that we know you carry a gun.

16. That Arresting Officer said that he read the letter Affiant sent to the Police about carrying a gun.

17. That Affiant told the Officer to go back and read the letter and he will see that the Police Chief and Douglas County Sherriff were instructed to notify me, by mailing, if I did not have a right to carry a gun if I stayed off State of Nebraska government land, and off CITY OF OMAHA owned land, and that I was to be provided with a map, or an internet site, of a map of what is legally the CITY OF OMAHA and the State of Nebraska owned land, and that I have not gotten any letter back from the City Police or the Sheriff of Douglas County.

18. That Affiant told the Arresting Officer that it is Affiant’s belief that Affiant has a right to carry a gun providing he stays off the City of Omaha and State of Nebraska owned land.

Arresting Officer said that they were going to search me to see if I have a gun on me.

19. That Affiant responded by saying that I do not give any consent for any search.

20. That Arresting Officer said it is not a search but a patdown.

21. That Affiant responded by saying that I do not give any consent for any patdown, or for anyone to search me, or touch me.

22. That Arresting Officer’s aiding officers then grabbed me, pulled my hands behind my back and clamped my fingers together with their tight grip and searched my entire body. Not finding anything and then let me go.

23. That before leaving Affiant asked the Arresting Officer for his business card, he said he never caries one, then Affiant asked for his badge number, Arresting Officer replied 1106.

24. That Arresting Officer had no evidenced, when asked by Affiant, that the location of this arrest was done on land that is owned by the CITY OF OMAHA, STATE OF NEBRASKA, or owned by “The United States of America”.

24. Affiant had the entire event recorded.

That this affidavit being executed without the United States,…………………………

((( Guess what, any “order”, by a government agent, to come to a “rest” is an “arrest”, all arrest are seizures, all seizures must be for cause, by oath or affirmation (4th Amendment) as proof of probable cause, if they have no valid cause I’ll ask the jury for damages. Generally $10,000.

All acts done by government employees (Police) without law (probable cause) do so under their own liability. )))