IRS Auditor reveals notice tool to show as a non-taxpayer status.

1. Easy Steps to notice any employer that you are not a “US taxpayer participant”.

2. How to stop the IRS from inquiring into your private life.

3. The US government cannot approach you for business, they must wait for you to seek services or benefits.

4. This man has not filed anything other than W2 and W4, with past employers, from 1988 to 2014 with not a single inquirey from the IRS.

5. No need to resend any SS number.

6. This man had a family member, his mom, that was an IRS head auditor for 16 years, she instructed her son how to fill out a W2 and W4 forms to notice the IRS/US Government of no wish for services or benefits with the United States of America.

7. For 5$ I’ll share this information with you, you will also have perpetual access to this the site that has stories of the use of the same process across the nation.

8. With the proper notice to your employer which in turn goes to the IRS no agent will consider attempting to claim you have a duty to file or pay any tax.

9. This is the location for access >

  1. Chris says:

    What does this do exactly?
    It is a simple way to instruct your employer that all wages go to you, and none to the IRS (US).

  2. admin says:

    Through out history some risked going to the BOX, if they didn’t everyone would be in the BOX except the elitists. Think outside of the BOX while we still can!

  3. Nastacia says:

    What happens when you have filed but we’re exempt before? Also, I donated for the 1 hour counseling services. How can I get in touch with Paul?
    >>>Response by Hansen – Exempt is for people that are governable but the government gives permission to not be taxed as an example. A ‘man’ not included is a far better position, for this is being independent/excluded as a matter of law. (Not a ‘person’.)