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State of Nebraska forever association with Articles of Confederation. Therefore an inseparable (same) part of the United States, which is an independent government from the property and lives of free inhabitants. I’m including excerpts from the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854, when both Kansas and Nebraska were territory prior to statehood. The Act provided temporary […]

“>We convened a community court, it will be quite interested, the US employees may have great difficulty hiding from now on without the aid of their US court corruption. This court has a great many years of research behind every detail. If you are interested in participating or starting your own community court send 5$ […]

Restitution, Biblical Principals

Posted: 3rd June 2013 by admin in Restitution Biblical

Restitution based on biblical principals. Most criminal activities even fall under restitution.  No place in scripture is prison (jail time) prescribed as a punishment. With restitution a great deterrent is created and the damaged party is not left destitute.  Also the prison system (investors) is not enriched off more crime. [8] Basics of Restitution-1, DCC […]