“>We convened a community court, it will be quite interested, the US employees may have great difficulty hiding from now on without the aid of their US court corruption.

This court has a great many years of research behind every detail.

If you are interested in participating or starting your own community court send 5$ and I’ll make you a perpetual recipient of everything this court accomplishes, as well as the procedure in which it operates and executes judgments.

           <  only 5$ for perpetual subscription.

The possibilities are unlimited.

[1] Claim,107-2013-001

[2] Claim,107-2013-002


“>Community Court INTRO Power Point Presentation with sound.


Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System.

  1. Chad in AK says:

    Hi! I REALLY ADMIRE YOU, and the work you are doing. I wonder if you mind if others try to get you on some radio shows to help spread the knowledge of your work. IMHO, you are striking at the root, and you’re the only one, and many more people need to do what you are doing. Time is short, and if things go to hell without this kind of kind of knowledge … well, there will be more trouble than is necessary.