State of Nebraska forever association with Articles of Confederation.

Therefore an inseparable (same) part of the United States, which is an independent government from the property and lives of free inhabitants.

I’m including excerpts from the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854, when both Kansas and Nebraska were territory prior to statehood. The Act provided temporary govt for the Kansas Nebraska territory using the NWO of July 13, 1787 as its model.
Sec. 1 … created into a temporary government by the name of the Territory Nebraska; and when admitted as a State or States, the said Territory or any portion of the same, shall be received into the Union with without slavery, as their constitution may prescribe at the time of the admission.
SEC. 6. And Be it further enacted, That the legislative power of the Territory shall extend to all rightful subjects of legislation consistent with the Constitution of the United States and the provisions of this act; but no law shall be passed interfering with the primary disposal of the soil;
SEC. 12. And be it further enacted, That the Governor, Secretary, Chief Justice, and Associate Justices, Attorney and Marshal, shall be nominated, and, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appointed by the President of the United States. The Governor and a Secretary to be appointed as aforesaid, shall, before they act as such, respectively take an oath or affirmation before the District Judge or some Justice of the Peace in the limits of said Territory, duly authorized to administer oaths and affirmations by the laws now in force therein, or before the Chief Justice, or some Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, to support the Constitution of the United States, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their respective offices, which said oaths, when so taken, shall be certified by the person by whom the same shall have been taken; and such certificates shall be received and recorded by the said Secretary among the Executive proceedings; and the Chief Justice and Associate Justices, and all other civil officers in said Territory, before they act as such, shall take a like oath or affirmation before the said Governor or Secretary, or some Judge or Justice of the Peace of the Territory, who may be duly commissioned and qualified, which said oath or affirmation shall be certified and transmitted by the person taking the same to the Secretary, to be by him recorded as aforesaid; and, afterwards, the like oath or affirmation shall be taken, certified, and recorded, in such manner and form as may be prescribed by law
SEC. 14. And be it further enacted,…That the Constitution, and all Laws of the United States which are not locally inapplicable, shall have the same force and effect within the said Territory of Nebraska as elsewhere within the United States… it being the true intent and meaning of this act not to legislate slavery into any Territory or State, nor to exclude it therefrom, but to leave the people thereof perfectly free to form an regulate their domestic institutions in their own way, subject only to the Constitution of the United States:
Because the Kansas Nebraska Act uses the NWO of July 13, 1787 as its model, when Nebraska is admitted as a state of the federal union US  by way of approval of its State Constitution by Congress. State and permanent govt is established within that portion of Nebraska retained by the federal govt  for the erection of forts magazines arsenals dockyards and other “needful buildings” pursuant to Art 1 Sec 8 cl 17 and Art IV Sec 3 Cl. 2 of the US Constitution, in fullfilment of the terms originally established pursuant to Sec 13 and Art IV and V of the NWO.

Sec 13 of the NWO…these republics their laws and constitutions, are erected to fix and establish those principles as the basis for all laws, constitutions which forever hereafter shall be formed in the said territory ; to provide also for States and permanent government therein”….

Art. V of the NWO…“And whenever any of the said States shall have sixty thousand free inhabitantstherein, such State shall be admitted by its delegates into the Congress of the United States, on equal footing with the original States, in all respects whatever and shall be at liberty to form a permanent constitution and State government: Provided, the constitution and State government so to be formed shall be republican and in conformity to the principles contained in these articles and so far as it is consistent with the general interest of the confederacy,…”

Art. IV of the NWO…“The said territory, and the States which may be formed therein, shall foreverremain a part of this Confederacy of the United States of America, subject to the Articles of Confederation, and to such alterations therein as shall be constitutionally made; and to all the acts and ordinances of the United States in Congress assembled, conformable thereto. The inhabitants and settlers in the said territory shall be subject to pay a part of the federal debts contracted or to be contracted, and a proportional part of the expenses of government, to be apportioned on them by Congress according to the same common rule and measure by which apportionments thereof shall be made on the other States;”

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  1. the person says:

    what’s the point in that anyway, the articles of confederation say that you can travel from state to state freely, that’s not news to anybody, I mean really all it means is that there won’t be border inspections and it won’t cost money to cross state lines.

  2. admin says:

    It still is law, just give judicial notice when on the record, they will say yes to it.

  3. admin says:

    Not true, no where in the US Const. does it give the description of the Union, that is only found in the Articles of Confederation. All ‘government (Federal) land is owned under one name ‘The United States of America’, look in the county records of true federal property and you will see.