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We need able men across the country who are willing to provide godly aid for jury determinations in Common Law proceedings. If the Lord would so lead you to commit contact the court clerks office at > This court will utilize the internet to provide due process for each participant. The safest […]

Three words that seven people, that is seven out of twelve on a common law jury, yep those three little words that terrorize corrupt officials are – “It ain’t right!” That’s it, all US agents fear the common jury, the more independent they are from statism the more they fear them, they fear any court that they do not […]

Governor of Nebraska, Pete Rickets, and Governess Susanne Ricketts, refuse to be summonsed to court, sheriff called in. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The Governors of the state are conspiring to deny my right to travel the open roads in their jurisdiction, they are summonsed to appear in a […]

You can join this Facebook dialog for free. The sole topic shall be how to convien, operate, and proceed in a common law court of record. This court is the highest court of the American land. Intentional divergence from this topic will not  be allowed. I, Paul John Hansen, shall be the administrator, and […]

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