Three words that seven people, that is seven out of twelve on a common law jury, yep those three little words that terrorize corrupt officials are –

“It ain’t right!”

That’s it, all US agents fear the common jury, the more independent they are from statism the more they fear them, they fear any court that they do not have the protection of a “state” judge covering for them, they do not ever want to be questioned as to “what written law did you rely upon to have authority to …………….”.

The common law jury is entirely different than a legislative governed jury, one is of the people, the other of the state, one is an independent tribunal, the other an advisory, administrative aiding, tribunal.

The People are the highest authority of the land under God,

the other merely participates with the state authorities, and only has authority where the People gave it, which is not much.

'I'm screwed.'

Stay off their land, stay away from all contact (contract) with the US, challenge the rule of full disclosure on all implied contracts (state drivers license, property registration, for example. Stay with the People and the protection of their/your court.

In US courts, liken to the above cartoon, the judge is of the US, the grand jury, prosecutor, and trial jurors, court reporter, even the major newspapers, are all of the US (statists),  you are greatly disadvantaged.


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The “law of the land” is your land, and is what the jury says it is.

In the year of 1676 West New Jersey code of law for the ‘free inhabitant” was/is:

“…and that no Proprietor, freeholder or inhabitant in the said Province, shall be deprived or condemned of life, limb, ,liberty, estate, property or any ways hurt in his or their privileges, freedoms or franchises, upon any account whatsoever, without a due trial. and judgment passed by twelve good and lawful men of his neighborhood first hand.”

Now this is 100 years before the Declaration of Independence of 1776.