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Demanding a US or STATE constitutional right is self defeating, never claim residency. Your big fat mouth can and will be used against you. DISINFORMATION, INDOCTRINATION, YOUR choice of WORDS, nullify your birth rights. “US citizens” are people presumed to be acting on USA owned land. “STATE citizens” are people presumed to be acting on USA […]

What “not” to say when carrying a gun.

Posted: 25th January 2014 by admin in Gun Carry Rights

When carrying private property (guns) as passing upon common ways (open roads / walk ways) and stopped by a state (territorially limited jurisdictional ) officer, one can not: Provide a “residential” address that identifies with the United States (State of ______).  All “residents” must have a license at all times. Make a statement of being […]    < click and watch. Stop the Cops from disarming you. No need for permit. Terry v. Ohio  –  Officer must have reasonable suspicion of a crime before a stop or detainment. Prouce v. Delaware  –  Same as above. Brown v. Texas  –  Officer can not make a stop to acquire identification. Devery v. US  –  Gun legally carried can […]