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Todd Schmaderer, a man, 505 S 15 OMAHA, NE 68102 Emailed > City of Omaha Chief of Police Todd Schmaderer refuses to answer my basic question of where a record is keep where the CITY OF OMAHA took my perfectly good automobile off of my property and apparently sold it at one of their […]

OVERVIEW: The attorney-general brought suit against the chief engineer for an alleged usurpation of the office after the chief engineer refused to vacate his post. The lower court found in favor of the attorney-general. On appeal, the chief engineer contended that the act of the legislature to establish a board of water commissioners was unconstitutional […]

Proof that “City” is a business, and you are a party to that business by residency, and you are considered a resident because you use the name of that same “City” in you property deeds, even though you are not actually part of that city territorially, this they do not want you to Know.  [W]e […]

To: Dave Heineman State of Nebraska Governor Office of the Governor P.O. Box 94848 Lincoln, NE 68509-4848 Mailed April 10, 2013   (□ mailing affidavit attached) From: Paul John Hansen 1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68110, without the United States. RE: Notice to Governor, Dave Heineman, of the State of Nebraska of ongoing violations of […]

Sure you can fight city hall and lose, but you can win, if you just learn how to put the city in its place. States incorporate cities as commercial enterprises with municipal purposes using the same power with which they charter purely commercial enterprises. Where is this power to create commercial enterprises found? We must […]