Proof that “City” is a business, and you are a party to that business by residency, and you are considered a resident because you use the name of that same “City” in you property deeds, even though you are not actually part of that city territorially, this they do not want you to Know. 

[W]e are getting people off the property tax role with various challenges.


PROCEDURAL POSTURE: Plaintiff residents brought an action in the court against defendant city officials, in a proceeding upon a bill of equity (Pennsylvania) to enjoin the city officials from purchasing stock for the city and paying for it through bonds and public taxes.

OVERVIEW: The city officials were about to contract for stock in a railroad company and intended to make payment through the issue of bonds and taxes. They passed an act to authorize their action and raise the money for the purchase. The residents, who were owners of real and personal estates within the city, argued that the city officials did not have the authority for the planned unconstitutional actions. The residents filed a bill of equity, seeking to restrain the city officials from subscribing or pledging the faith of the city for the stock and arguing that the subscriptions would add heavily to the debt of the city, impair the public credit, and greatly augment the taxes. The court denied the injunction, holding that, although the power to tax could not be delegated, the legislature could provide agencies through whom to exercise its power of taxation and that was not a delegation or transfer of power. The legislature divided the states into counties, townships, school districts, and cities, and appointed tax officers with authority to assess, collect, and apply taxes, so the acts were constitutional.

OUTCOME: The court denied the injunction requested by the residents in an action against the city officials to stop them from purchasing stock and paying for the purchase through public taxes.

Sharpless and Others v. The Mayor, &c., of Philadelphia. SUPREME COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA,  21 Pa. 147; 1853 Pa. LEXIS 97

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