Dave Heineman

State of Nebraska Governor

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 94848
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848

Mailed April 10, 2013   (□ mailing affidavit attached)


Paul John Hansen

1548 N 19th Street,

Omaha, Nebraska 68110,

without the United States.

RE: Notice to Governor, Dave Heineman, of the State of Nebraska of ongoing violations of my right to travel on the open passageways of Nebraska.

Attached, EXHIBIT “L1”, you will see a letter evidenced (video recorded) as being mailed to you, no response has been received from your office as of this letter.

As Governor of the State of Nebraska I must inform you that the acts that you have allowed your agents, as they are operating on the land called Nebraska, have consistently violated my rights as a free inhabitant.  Specifically, my right to pass upon the open highways of Nebraska, in a not “for hire” capacity.  I to my knowledge I never travel on land that is owned by the “State” of Nebraska, or more accurately land owned by “The United States of America” within the exterior boundaries of Nebraska.  But I do pass on open roads that are municipalities of various cities / counties in the said Nebraska territory.

As I pass over these open roads, as not “for hire”, I have been harassed by agents that claim to be officially operating under your employment.  These agents claim that they have instructions to regulate my travel by imposing Nebraska Legislative written law from what they call the Motor Vehicles written laws found in the said Legislatures depository of written law upon my activity, my automobile, and me personally.

These same agents, City of Omaha Police Officers, Nebraska State Patrol, Douglas County Sheriff, Sarpy County Sheriff, and others, demand that I must have the following to travel in my not “for hire” capacity:

  1. That I must have a State of Nebraska Operators License,
  2. That I must have proof of liability insurance for my automobile,
  3. That my automobile must be registered and have current state plates.

I am regularly harassed by your agents.  They have written citations and delivered me for prosecution by county prosecutors in United States courts called county courts.  They have towed my automobiles, fined me, arrested me, and imprisoned me, all under the false pretense of regulation under the State of Nebraska Motor Vehicle legislative bills.

I have duly noticed the said prosecutors and the courts, by certified copies, in open courts of record, as judicial notice, as offered exhibit, of the following:

Motor Vehicles

Chapter 129

5388o Sec. 150 [Municipal ordinances.]

(House Role No. 146)

[Introduced by Mr. Hand]

A Bill – FOR AN ACT requiring registration of motor vehicles and regulating their use or operation upon the highways or streets.

Laws of Nebraska of 1905

**Specific attention to – 5388o Sec. 150 [Municipal ordinances.]

As you will see that the Motor Vehicles laws have a subject clearly embodied in the bill, that is “for hire”.  Being that the State of Nebraska state Constitution clearly limits each bill to be of a ***“single subject”, therefore to have the Motor Vehicles law to apply there must be an activity of “for hire” as to all application of the titled Motor Vehicle law.

I demand you respond immediately, for on the date of 4-18-2013 Sarpy County intends on jailing me for violating the Motor Vehicles laws even though the official record clearly evidenced by the arresting officer that no “for hire” activity is related.

Your perpetual allowance to such harassment, deprivation of rights, false arrest, false prosecution, false imprisonment, extortion, can only be done in your private capacity, for the written law dose not authorize such regulation upon ones acts evidenced as not “for hire”.


Contact Sarpy County prosecutor immediately and inform them of their misapplication of the Motor Vehicles written laws as associated to State of Nebraska v. Paul John Hansen, Case number- CR/TR 11-5285.

Ledger of Damages are 100 US Dollars each day my right to travel has been deprived, 647 days = $64,700.00 total damages to date.

Right to travel is not to be regulated except by common law principals.


___________________   Paul John Hansen, as a free inhabitant, as the term is found in Art. 4 of the Articles of Confederation.

**5388o Sec. 150 [Municipal ordinances.] Cities and towns shall have no power to pass, in force or maintain any ordinance, rule or regulation requiring of any owner or operator of a motor vehicle any license or permit to use the public highways or exclude or prohibit any motor vehicle whose owner has complied with section two (2) or section four (4) of this act from the free use of such highways, and all such ordinances, rules or regulations now in force, are hereby declared to be of no validity or effect: provided that nothing in this act shall be construed as limiting the power of local authorities to make and force and maintain an ordinance, rule or regulations, in addition to the provisions of this act, affecting motor vehicles which are offered to the public for hire. [I.d., § 11.]

–Proof of Service / Notice, Aided administrative by Notary Public–

  This Affidavit is submitted for the record as facts that are currently known by Steven xxxxxx, a Notary Public, and are directly related to the attached Certified Mailing with Return Receipt US Postal Service mailing, as preformed on __-__-2013, to the below listed addressed individual.

1. Affiant shall hereinafter mean Steven xxxxxx.

2. That Affiant is acting as a Notary Public for evidence of service / notice / administratively, with the attached documents, process, notice, presentment.

3. That the attached mailing contents were mailed to the following:    Dave Heineman

Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 94848   Lincoln, NE68509-4848.

Registered Mailing No. 7011-1570-0002-8480-9074 on __-__ -2013.

4. That Affiant loaded the above listed addressed envelope with all original ink signed documents, as hereto attached, and then Affiant sealed the envelope and delivered the same to the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE for mailing, with post paid for mailing on the date of __-__-2013.

5. That Affiant / Notary entered in his Register Log Book what was sealed / mailed, as __-__-2013 (__) total individual pages, (EXHIBIT “____” as  __ pages) in the said Certified Mailing envelope, with mailing reference numbers, exact copy retained.

5a. That the contents of mailing where: __ page document entitled case 11-4161.

6. Total mailings are as followed: a. __ page NOTICE, time stamped by the court on the date of __-__-2013. b. __ page NOTICE in affidavit form. c. __ page this Mailing Affidavit, as signed.

I, Steven xxxxxx declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing Affidavit is true and correct. Executed on __ day of the __ month of 2013.  Jurat:  As sworn to before the below signed Notary this __ day of __ month, 2013, Oath: I, Steven xxxxxx, solemnly swear that the contents of the above mailing Affidavit subscribed is correct and true.


                                                                                   Mailing Affiant – Steven xxxxxx

State of Nebraska

County of Douglas

Personally appeared before me the undersigned, an officer authorized to administer oaths, Steven xxxxxx, with valid identification, and/or personally known to me, who first being duly sworn, deposes and says that the forgoing, __ page, instrument was subscribed and sworn before me, this __ day of __ Month 2013.

___________________________  Notary

□ Original is retained fully signed by Steve xxxxxx, in ink, and said signature was fully verified by notary signature with notary seal.  □ Green Card Retained.


***State of Nebraska Constitution 1875-  III-14. Bills and resolutions read by title; printing; vote for final passage; bills to contain one subject; amended section to be set forth; signing of bills.

Every bill and resolution shall be read by title when introduced, and a printed copy thereof provided for the use of each member. The bill and all amendments thereto shall be printed and presented before the vote is taken upon its final passage and shall be read at large unless three-fifths of all the members elected to the Legislature vote not to read the bill and all amendments at large. No vote upon the final passage of any bill shall be taken until five legislative days after its introduction nor until it has been on file for final reading and passage for at least one legislative day. No bill shall contain more than one subject, and the subject shall be clearly expressed in the title. No law shall be amended unless the new act contains the section or sections as amended and the section or sections so amended shall be repealed. The Lieutenant Governor, or the Speaker if acting as presiding officer, shall sign, in the presence of the Legislature while it is in session and capable of transacting business, all bills and resolutions passed by the Legislature.

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