August 1, 2011 I, Paul John Hansen was pulled over for expired plates, cited for expired plates-registration, no insurance, suspended license. Fought it on every level, primarily no oath or affirmation pursuant to the 4th Amendment and the 1905 legislative bill “for hire”.

Judge gave me 29 days, placed in jail on the date of April 18, 2013, years later.

April 19, 2013  I noticed the Sarpy County Jail Warden that “he” was holding me without law and the damages are 3000$ per day, and triple damages upon notice if ignored.

Warden assistant came and talked to me for an hour, saying that he was very interested in my case arguments of right to travel in a not for hire capacity and asked how I derived the damages.

April 23 I put in a Habeas, judge called me to a private hearing and let me out immediately, adding that I need to get a license by June 27, 2013, I responded that I would have to lie and state that I was a resident within a US territory and a US Citizen to qualify for a state operators license.

If you want the entire file, jurisdictional challenges, briefs, judicial notices, supporting case laws, can not pay fines for no “money of account” argument, etc.,  just email me and ask for the Sarpy Case with a 5$ payment.

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