(WORD only?A) In 2009 I bumped a City Of Omaha Transit Bus at 2 miles per hour, due to sheet of ice. I (insurance) paid the 145$ damage immediately. Office shows up and gave me a traffic citation for ‘to fast for the conditions, I signed the ticket and cancelled the ticket signature the next day by mailing with the following affirmative defenses. I told the officer there is no evidence that I was carrying cargo or passengers for a fee. I gave no document except insurance card. The vehicle was purchased by me years before, not registered, and not plated. Officer only took my name, DOB, and mailing address, the rest of the info such as a ‘returned to the state‘ (cancelled) state license was found by him in old DMV records. Five (5) years latter (2014) they issue a warrant for me for failure to appear, I was arrested at a country dance club, judge got nervous when I demanded the 4th Amendment requirement, and she let me out on (ROR) return own recognizance (no bond), I fail to appear again, another warrant issued, they arrest me again by a sudo-swat team, full tactical dress, at the same dance club, asserted by no less than six cruisers and 8 officers. They hold me in county jail for 20 days, each time I was in front of the judge I gave notice that no verified sworn complaint is evidenced in the record upon which the prosecutor could act upon and which is necessary to create sufficient pleadings to invoke the courts general jurisdiction. Court then dismisses one ‘failure to appear’ and the original ‘infraction’. I said I have been kidnaped adding ‘no contest’ contingent on if a verified complaint, compliant to the 4th amendment, is evidenced in the record. I was released immediately.   7-1-2014. This is the 3rd time I have done this and was released each time; my friends have done it 14 times. Order the M1S-15 Case Judgment ‘Vacated for lack of “verified” complaint in the record’.  (35$) click the HERE below. False arrest is 10K$, 3K$ each day thereafter for false incarceration, So I’ll go after 80K$ for damages. Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System.