This is an email conversation with Douglas County Treasurer, Nebraska, where cars are registered in the county.


Paul Hansen 1:38 PM (7-14-2014)
I sold a car to someone and they are driving it for now over a year without registering it in their name.

They claim they have no need to register because they are ‘not for hire’.

I need a form from you or the DMV, or instructions, that I can use to file a document that states that the vehicle has been sold so that no liability remains upon me.


Treasurer DC 3:17 PM (7-15-2014)

We don’t have anything like that.  Do you have a copy of the bill of sale or their name and address?  That will suffice.  If anyone would inquire as to ownership of the vehicle, our records would indicate that it was no longer registered to anyone.

Tim Cavanaugh

Chief Deputy

Douglas County Treasurer



Paul Hansen 3:40 PM (7-15-2014)
Are you saying that I need to bring the/a ‘Bill of Sale” down to your office and have it recorded or something like that? I’ll have to recreate the original by hand, it will only have my signature on it, will that work, he has the title stuff.  


Treasurer DC
10:15 AM (7-16-2014)


No. If you do have one, just keep your bill of sale with your personal records. That’s all you have to do or can do.

From: Paul Hansen []
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 3:41 PM
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Paul Hansen <>

11:39 AM (2 hours ago)

to Treasurer
One more question, how is your office or the DMV noticed that

our records would indicate that it was no longer registered to anyone”
what act, or document, before these offices, gives notice of the sale, and of the “no longer registered” 
If he, the buyer, never does anything with the signed over title, and I have no form to notice your offices of the vehicle ownership being passed for your offices to record, how can the status of registered be changed to ‘no longer registered’ in the DMV records if the man is stopped by a state patrol?
Thanks much for you replies. Paul


Treasurer DC

1:55 PM (8 minutes ago)
to me

The vehicle has an expired registration and no plates.  If we run the VIN, it shows it as not registered.  You would be listed as the last registered owner.   If he never titles it, that’s how it stands.  If the person who owns it now gets stopped, he better have proof of ownership.  If he has the title, you should have signed off on the title as transferring ownership.  If you did not sign the title over to him, you are still the owner.

From: Paul Hansen []
Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 11:39 AM


Paul Hansen’s Comment:

So if a vehicle is sold to you, and you have *evidence of the sale, and/or purchase, that is evidence that it is no longer registered (contracted, franchised, legal nexus) with the state, county. So there is no dis-registration, all you need is that the registration of the former registrant is no longer active because he sold all interest in the vehicle, thus canceling any nexus, DMV association, ‘motor vehicle’ registration,  with the state.

*evidence- bill of sale, certified copy of bill of sale so original does not get lost, signed over title, certified copy of title so original does not get lost, caution do not carry a signed over title with the vehicle, a person could steal the car and sell it with the original title in hand, I also place the documents on a internet site in pdf form (picture) so you could always direct the officer to the site as well.

Therefore if a person does not use the ‘automobile’ in a ‘for hire’ use there is no need for registration, license, proof of liability coverage, or a state driver license. I put Kingdom Plates and NOT FOR HIRE plates on as notice and do not get pulled over for DMV violations.


Below is a email conversation with the Nebraska DMV on the same subject.

DMV DVR Web via


to pauljjhansen

Good afternoon, Paul:

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to remove your name as the most recent titled owner of the vehicle. Did you keep copies of the Bill of Sale and the assigned Certificate of Title? If so, this will serve as proof that ownership of the vehicle was transferred.

If you feel the current owner is operating the vehicle without proper titling and registration I would encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency.

If you have any additional questions or need further verification on this matter please contact a member of our Help Desk Staff. The Help Desk Staff is available M-F 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM CDT and may be reached at 402-471-3918.

Thank you,

Jackie Boldan, Staff Assistant II

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles


Email from: paul john hansen




TO: Nebraska DMV

I sold a car six months ago and the buyer is still driving it with no state plates, he has some “NOT FOR HIRE” plate on it.

I asked him if it has been registered into his name and out of mine, he said no, he said he does not want to contract with the state by registration.

What can I send the Nebraska DMV to get clear of the liability of the vehicle.

I know sooner or latter that he will get parking tickets and the VIN number will end up being used to send me tickets.

Does the Nebraska DMV have a form that I can send in to give notice of sale.

Please advise.

PH 7-30-14

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