Paul John Hansen won another property tax case.

Case No. CIVIL 11-4161, Douglas County Court, Nebraska (2011)  Case dismissed for lack of prosecution at plaintiff’s / petitioner’s cost.

The above is a document that is associated with a $50,000.00 property of mine.  A private party purchased a Tax Certificate sold by the County. I challenged the jurisdiction, with brief, as I was instructed by a retired district court judge.  The Plaintiff’s Attorney sat on the case for more than one year, without even  one hearing.  The case simply expired.  (just as with the first case) To receive the brief that scared the Attorney off,  just email me and I can forward it to you.  Do order the 5$ “Property Tax PPT” Slides / Audio Power Point Presentation, see:   Property Tax Presentation

Brief includes: a. Notice to Court of “No Consent” – “No Contract”.  b. Notice to Attorney of his utilizing a state licensed without the united States.  c. Brief describing limited authority of the taxing statutes as were relied upon by the moving party.

This is the second case where people walked away from the case, per instruction by their attorney, and I paid no property tax.  Currently doing 6 others with the same process.

Four or five years ago I wrote a check for $20,000.00 property tax, that was the last one, then I learned the truth about who has a duty to pay a statutory tax duty.

If you do not keep the burden of proof on the moving party you will lose every-time.


For 35$ you will receive the following by

  1. Property Tax Brief.  Case Document Filings and Case Chronology.
  2. Notice upon acting Attorney of his violation for practicing law under a State Attorney License outside of his jurisdiction, and attempting to compel his clients to pay him to apply State taxing statutes upon non-State lands.
  3. Opportunity to purchase the “Property Tax” Power Point Picture / Audio Presentation for 5$.
  4. Opportunity to purchase the “Free Inhabitant One A:, (Territorial Jurisdiction), 45 minute+ Picture / Audio Presentation for 5$.
  5. Life long 24/7 access to all Property Tax case activities associated with my properties and my clients properties.

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