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Titled Presentation:  Free Inhabitant, NO Property Tax

Topic-Why Federal-US / and STATE written property tax laws are constitutionally limited to “only” land owned by the Federal government. This presentation is an essential step in understanding how, and why, if any, the English Common Law courts must be utilized if one wants a fair trial.

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Welcome to Free, a site designed to give sound foundational evidence of the limitations of law, my name is Paul John Hansen, I am the author of this presentation,

I live in Omaha, Nebraska. And I have been a student of law for over 15 years and have been in court more than 200 times for a wide range of my own personal legal matters, consisting of both civil and criminal cases.

I have assembled this presentation, titled as “FREE INHABITANT, NO Property Tax” in hopes that it will be presented to many for the furtherance of understanding of the difference from a free inhabitant and a United States Citizen, as the terms are used in Article 4 of the Articles of Confederation of 1777, and their ownership of Property / Land as independent from a STATE tax governance.

The primary topic that will be covered by this presentation discloses the difference between land that is owned by the United States of America and taxed by the Unite States written law, known as the United States Code / STATE Statute, and conversely land that is not owned by the United States of America and is not Taxable by the said United States written code / STATE Statute.

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I am a paid member of his class for a one time fee of fifty dollars.

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This presentment is in text voice because the contents are improved daily and it is next to impossible to make such improvements any other way.

All purchasers of this presentation will be a lifetime recipient of all notices as to improvements, successes, and failures, with this independence from property tax position.  Contact will be maintained by your email address on file.

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