No Property Tax, 10+ Years

Posted: 28th November 2011 by admin in Pay No Property Tax, Tax / Property

How I have owned this house since 2001-09-21, paid $20,000 for it, and have paid no property tax for 10+ years, Zero from the day I purchased it.

People have purchased past Tax Sale Certificates and paid some of the taxes listed but when they tried to sue me they just walked away after they read my rock solid legal argument, simply challenged them to produce fact evidence my Property / Land is a type “as described” in the STATE OF NEBRASKA taxing statutes they relied upon, for it specifies that the land must be “owned” by the USA to be taxable.

Order my property tax presentation (only 5$) that shows how I, as a Lawyer, defend against any and all property tax on my 20 homes /rental property.

Below are the links that show the home and property tax payments.

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