Di-sin-formation that Government Relies Upon.

Posted: 21st August 2012 by admin in Tax

The biggest error in this clips discussing “There is no law that you must pay Federal Taxes” is that all requirement, if any, is entered into, or created, by contract between the United States and a willing, or more often uninformed, participant.

If you have a contract with me to mow my yard and the contracts says if you fail to do so that I get your car, there is no need for a law.  The same is for the IRS, no law is needed only the existence of a contract.  So all the IRS must establish is the presumption of mere evidence of a contract to prevail in a US Court.

If you are not an expert in Federal Rules of Court Procedure you will be destroyed if you allow it to proceed to court, read all pages as related to 6203 Assessment for a sure defense against the IRS encroachment upon your life.


Much of the information in this clip will guarantee a loss in court, it is such disinformation that Government relies upon to keep the truth from getting out.  Few find out until it is too late.


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