Ruby9 SIM Card, Ruby9 Mobile
Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data 9 YEARS


Top service for the lowest money in America.

LIMITED TIME Offer Includes 9 Years of Service! 

Uses same towers as ATT service providers.

UNLIMITED TALK & TEXT: Unlimited Talk and Text in the USA & no roaming charges.

UNLIMITED DATA: Stream video & surf the web – anytime, anywhere! Our unlimited data plan is just that – UNLIMITED 4G LTE Data.

FREE MOBILE HOTSPOT: Using your mobile device as a Hotspot is complimentary to all our customers; with the first 10GB 4G LTE

Works With 4G LTE GSM Unlocked Mobile Devices

 9 years –  $500.00 (500 / 9 x 12 = $4.63/month)

Payment plan available.

NOTICE > How I can get you unlimited local calling, and most international calling, texting, and 4G Data, for less than 5$/month that matches the best coverage of all phones services in America. A quick read can save you thousands. How this company will get paid by “”‘your retailers'”” instead of by you. >>

Unlimited call,
Unlimited text,
Unlimited 10G data (unless the particular tower you are on is maxed out then you will get throttled down, which is in my experience is close to never, I always have enough to watch YouTube.)
Keep your existing number may be available.

My plan was exactly:
$500.00 – a one-time payment for 9 years of full service.
$108.00 – I keep my number. (optional)
$5.94 – one-time tax. (optional, retain your old number)
$5.00 – one-time handling/shipping fees.

$611.00 = Total

I had a one-year-old LG phone, which Cricket gave me the unlock code which I use when the Ruby 9 SIM CARD is installed in the LG Phone which was super easy. Google any phone, YouTube will show you how to install the SIM CARD in your phone.
All American cell phone companies must give you the unlock code to your phone if it is 6 months old and fully paid for. (Basically they can not keep it locked from use with another SIM CARD even if you have an extended service contract with them.)

So now I have the exact same 50$ service with Ruby 9 as I had with Cricket for less than 6$ per month for the next 108 months (9 years).

I was paying 50$ per month or $5,400.00 for 9 years.

(-) 600
$3,800.00 < Saved (108 months.)

All based on an honest cell phone company that is satisfied with the ‘advertising – information mining’ that is associated with all present-day cell phones in the entire World, just as Google and Facebook are doing every-time you get online. You see Google and Facebook and many others pay big money for information mined from everyone that uses their system, and then sell it for big profits, much the same for this company. The difference you profit a great deal also.

Just for an example, every new car in America has close to $2000.00 of paid advertising behind every single sale. Americans buy 45,000 new cars every day of the year. That is why my new cell phone service through Ruby 9 is less than 6$ per month for the next 108 months (9 years).
— OR —

(Changing over with their SIM CARD does not alter any information stored on your phone, such as pictures, or your collected address and numbers, or any apps.)

NOTICE – To get the 9-year price for this product the order must be placed soon.

((100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.))

Paul Hansen to arrange purchase – email >

Use this LINK  for best after order discounts > See above.

(( As of 5-31-2019 – Upon my own empirical internet research I have not found one negative report on Ruby 9. ))

I only have 3 SIM Cards left, so email me today if you are interested.

  1. Micah Neilson says:

    Do you still have a ruby9 9 year sims? How have you liked the service?
    >>>Hansen Response – Yes, I have two more for sale. I like it for regular service like moderate data needs, with unlimited everything else. 13 GB data each 30 days, at a good speed, after it slows considerably, which is fine with me, perfect for my Facebook viewing and email needs, so I am greatly pleased because it is 7 times cheaper than my other option. And one big plus is I’ll always have this same number for 9 years no matter what happens meanwhile.