1. Cricket has become for me an excellent service provider for the last ten years.

2. Cricket runs off the same towers as ATT systems.

3. I constantly travel all of America and Cricket has served me well as to calls, texting, and internet access.

4. Contact me and you can join our group for 26$ per month. The program is 25$, I add 1$ per month for collecting all the funds of the group and making one single payment for the group.

5. Email us at pauljjhansenlaw@gmail.com, and put in “CRICKET FOR 26$” in the subject line and we will send you a full contract for this discount service through us.

  1. Micah Neilson says:

    Do you still have a ruby9 9 year sims? How have you liked the service?
    >>>Hansen Response – Yes, I have two more for sale. I like it for regular service like moderate data needs, with unlimited everything else. 13 GB data each 30 days, at a good speed, after it slows considerably, which is fine with me, perfect for my Facebook viewing and email needs, so I am greatly pleased because it is 7 times cheaper than my other option. And one big plus is I’ll always have this same number for 9 years no matter what happens meanwhile.

  2. Micah Neilson says:

    Hi Paul,
    Any updates?
    Micah Neilson