IRS LIEN released with our process.

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We challenged the IRS agent that created the assessment and the lien, in affidavit form, notary presentment with threat of litigation, lien was released. SEE lien as attached.

  1. I am interested in your lien release process. Can you give me the details and cost of your time in a Assisting me with your process. Thank you
    >> Hansen’s Response – the lien package is 35$, most people do not need my aid in utilizing the example letters and notifications and process of delivery. Some do, that is 35$ per hour for my time.

    • Aiyana says:

      How do i purchase lien package?
      Response – M1S-8, ‘Lien Package’ How to place a “claim” of lien on your own property to ward off any taking by the IRS or other criminal government groups. We have used such to keep the IRS from selling a one million dollar property for 6 years now. It is a commercial security and property care claim of lien. (35$) See top of link to > [Services/Products]

  2. Oscar Johnson says:

    I have Notices of Tax lien against the name. I applied for a passport and was denied due to a “seriously delinquent tax debt” (2008 and 2009).

    I need to have the liens removed. How can you help me?

    >>>> Hansen’s Comments – There are several ways we can force them to remove liens that lack due process, and we have ways of getting passports without a SSN so that they can not lock them down administratively.