Article I-25     Constitution of the State of Nebraska

(1866 to present)

Rights of property; no discrimination; aliens.

There shall be no discrimination between citizens of the United States in respect to the acquisition, ownership, possession, enjoyment or descent of property. The right of aliens in respect to the acquisition, enjoyment and descent of property may be regulated by law.

Thirteen (13) time the term “Citizen” is used in the Constitution “for” the United States of America, it changes to the un-capitalized term “citizen” in the 14th Amendment, this being 81 (1868) years after the ratification of this Constitution (1787).

Reference in said constitution to a “citizen” before 1868 was a person of right, unregulated by legislative written law, after 1868 “citizen” would reference a second class citizen, one-hundred present regulated by legislative written law.

In 1866 the Constitution of the State of Nebraska was sent for ratification, in 1875 a statutory constitution was re-created for compliance with this new “citizen” person.   (7 years after the 14th Amendment.)

This new “citizen” person is considered not one of birthright, instead one governed by legislative written law.

The constitution construction of the words “right of aliens” as reference above is this same type of person.

This person is considered an “alien”, not a sovereign American, not a free man but one subject to governance by the US legislative bodies.

Such a persons “acquisition” (the act of acquiring), purchasing of land, and “enjoyment and descent of property” (derivation from an ancestor :  birth, lineage) all that he inherits is subject to “be regulated by law”.

Only a US citizen shall have a S.S. number.

Only aliens have a residency (resident address).

And such (both) are subject to legislative property tax, legislative income tax, legislative inheritance tax, etc.

Citizenship in the US is not freedom, it is full governance.  (Citizen = subject)

P.S. “citizens are not afforded the bill of rights by law. Think about it, such rights were constitutionally recognized only for the capital “C” citizen not the small “c” citizen.

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