We have clients that make one million dollars per day and file no federal or state, but they do follow our program to keep the liability for “billing” upon the federal (IRS), and state tax collectors. We never refuse, only challenge, with formal offer to pay. I, Paul John Hansen, lawyer, personally make 15 to 25K$ per month, at times, and never file, for the last 25 years with no problems, and do no hiding of my assets. See freeinhabitant.info, and pauljjhansen.com, for all our services, and aiding products.

  1. Ask the tax collector to formally present you with a formal tax bill, under penalties of perjury, in his own personal commercial liability.
  2. Send the demand by (certified (green card return) mailing with the appropriate affidavit.
  3. Have the same sent by us as a disinterested third party.
  4. Offer to pay upon receiving the formal, as a matter of law, signed bill.
  5. Do not ever self assess, and present our brief why it is a violation of law to demand an individual to self assess under penalties of perjury. They seldom prosecute if you do not file, they often prosecute if you do file.
  6. Peruse through the below and learn how to keep the burden on the tax collector, federal, or state, at all times.
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