IRS agent say this man not required to ever use his SS number for identification.

IRS says in the document – “he has the right to not want to use this SSN for any purpose or reason.”


I, Paul Hansen, personally will be seeking this same document from the IRS office, when I het it I’ll post it here also. Today’s date is 3/19/2016.

Show this to every bank, or any person that “claims” they require a SSN.


The “Taco Bell” Case

Date: October 26, 1997 
Subject: Taco Bell Employment Application 
Social Security number optional?

This evening I spoke with Mr. Arthur Thomas, whose son’s encounter with Taco Bell in 1993 resulted in an out of court settlement in favor of the young Thomas as well as a Taco Bell employment application with a box stating “Social Security Number(optional)“. As I have heard all manner of reports and speculations regarding the Taco Bell situation, I will first briefly clear up the basic facts of this matter, as reported to me by Arthur Thomas.

Mr. Thomas’ son applied for a job with Taco Bell in 1993 and was told he could not be hired without supplying a Social Security number. Arthur Thomas put together some paperwork which informed Taco Bell of the pertinent law on the subject and provided the company with a copy of the EEOC case against Information Systems Consulting of Texas.

[In 1992, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) filed an action in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division (CA3-92-0169-T) against Information Systems Consulting (I.S.C.) for firing Bruce Hanson (an employee) on 8-15-89 solely because he would not provide the company with a SSN that he did not have due to his religious beliefs.]

It is important to note that a court case was never filed by the Thomases. Taco Bell entered into a settlement agreement with the the young Mr. Thomas prior to the filing of any legal action and “settled amicably for money [the amount young Thomas would have earned working for Taco Bell during that summer] and an offer of employment on condition he would agree not to sue.”

It is true that Taco Bell, subsequent to this matter, did change its employment application to show the Social Security number as “optional”; however, according to Mr. Thomas, the “offer of employment” made by Taco Bell in its agreement with his son did not indicate that they would hire him without a Social Security number. After the settlement, young Thomas did not pursue employment with Taco Bell or further challenge the Social Security number issue, choosing instead to go on a mission for his church.

Further, according to Arthur Thomas, Taco Bell’s stated policy through its current parent company, Pepsico (a multi-national corporation), is to not hire anyone without a Social Security number, as a “political issue consideration” — this in spite of their job application which says “Social Security Number (optional)”.

Apparently this policy has been voiced by employment office personnel, but Arthur Thomas has not actually seen the policy in writing; to his knowledge, no one since his son’s case has challenged Taco Bell (Pepsico) on this policy.

A complete account of the Taco Bell matter is available in book form, “Getting Hired Without a Social Security Number” (a two inch thick three ring binder, eight chapters, including the complete EEOC case mentioned above), from Hilltop Corp., P.O. Box 82, Milford, Ohio 45150 ($35 price includes shipping).

Now, the unexpected news. Arthur Thomas informed me of a company known as “Personnel Supply Co.” which over the past two years has been successful in getting people jobs without the need for them to have or provide Social Security numbers. The company is based off-shore, hires people on a contract basis, and then contracts for services with your company of choice. Of course, not all companies are willing to hire on a contract basis, but Arthur Thomas reports that Hilltop Corp. provides several pages of legal and financial information which have proven highly effective in persuading companies of the significant advantages of contracted services.

Information about “Personnel Supply Co.” may be obtained by contacting Arthur Thomas, c/o Hilltop Corp., P.O. Box 82, Milford, Ohio 45150. I have only Arthur Thomas’ representations about “Personnel Supply Co.” There are fees involved with their services.

As with any other information or services offered by anyone or any organization, I encourage those who may be interested to investigate fully, make every attempt to get unbiased references, and take care to thoroughly research all laws which may relate to actions you are considering.

Author unknown.