National Banks are almost completely dependent on ‘Federal Reserve’ funding and the banks in-house creating of “money” by receiving negotiable instruments (promissory notes) that are then fraudulently deposited as a bank liability as a debit and the of setting entry as a “cash” account credit from which they fraudulently lend you funds from.  All of which has never been authorized by Congress, but they have almost full immunity for such crimes when challenged in a US court.  This is why they do not need your money anymore, thus you only get interest on deposits that are often less than the inflationary rate for that year, so essentially you get nothing (no investment return) for saving your money.

Credit Unions and Security Companies generally use your money and they have much different reporting relationships with the United States and the Federal Reserve System thus keeping your business your business.

Why associate with a bank that ignores “equal protection under the law”, if you did what they do (counterfeiting bank accounting credits) 24/7, you would go to jail for a long long time.

Only the Federal Reserve has been allowed to create Federal Reserve Credits/Money by congressional authority, not banks.

It has been reported to me that fraudulent IRS confiscation are much more difficult from Credit Unions and Security Companies.

Paul Hansen 1-17-13

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