You Can Carry a Concealed Gun in “Omaha”.

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You Can Carry a Concealed Gun in “Omaha” !!!!!!!!

Hansen – Officer I just delivered a shipment of gold to one of my clients, now I am on my way home.
Officer – What is the name of this client?
Hansen – Client 28r7.
Officer – Where was the delivery?
Hansen – Latitude 2576 Longitude 3455.
Officer – That does not make sense?
Hansen – They are in-house parameters, top secret, need to know basis only.
Officer – Why are you carrying a gun strapped to your ankle?
Hansen – “”Own defense“”.
Officer – So you have no gold with you now?
Hansen – Correct, just the money.
Officer – Show me the money.
Hansen – I am not allowed to do that without a order from a court possessing territorial jurisdiction.  Do you have such a court order on your person?  Also are we standing on land that your employer has a proprietary interest in pursuant to Article 1, Sec 8, Clause 17, of the ‘Constitution for the United States of America’?  One more thing where can I get a certified copy of a map of the City of Omaha?  (It does not exist.)
Officer – Ah, Ah, I’ll let you go if you go straight home with the gun dismantled and placed in the trunk of your car.
Hansen – I demand that you follow me home then and be my “”own defense”‘, being the criminals know I carry gold and lots of money.
Officer – Have a safe day.

City of Omaha Ordinance:
Sec. 20-192. – Carrying concealed weapon.
It shall be unlawful for any person except an authorized law enforcement officer purposely or knowingly to carry a weapon concealed on or about his person.
Sec. 20-194. – Protection as defense.
It shall be a sufficient defense for any person charged under this article to show that he was engaged in a “”lawful business“”, calling or employment and the circumstances in which he was placed at the time were such as to justify a prudent person carrying a weapon for his “”own defense“” or the defense of his family or property.


All the below written laws are for land “only” within the exterior boundaries of the territory called “Nebraska” that is land being a territory or possession of the United States (owned by the USA).

Concealed Carry

Nebraska is a shall-issue state, meaning that qualified applicants must be issued a concealed carry permit.

Requirements for a concealed carry permit in Nebraska are:

1. state-certified handgun safety course within the past three years,

2. resident of the state,  (resident is associated with living in land owned by ‘The United States of America’ in Nebraska.)

3. successful background check

4. at least 21 years of age

5. not a felon.

Castle Doctrine – Nebraska does not have a castle doctrine law. With the exception of inside one’s own home, state law requires a duty to retreat before citizens can protect themselves against violence. Reasonable retreat is not required inside the home. (One cop told me to drag anyone you shoot inside your house before calling the cops.)

Pro-Gun Provisions – Open carry is not restricted in Nebraska under most circumstances.

In automobiles, loaded rifles and handguns can be loaded but must be kept in plain sight (shotguns, on the other hand, must be unloaded). The state is a “shall-issue” state for law-abiding residents age 21 or over who wish to obtain a permit to carry concealed weapons.


License or permit required to purchase guns: A permit is required to purchase handguns in the “STATE” of Nebraska. So best just purchase them in Nebraska in land that is not owned by ‘The United States of America’. Application for a permit is made to the sheriff or police chief in the purchaser’s hometown.

Places in Nebraska where carrying is prohibited, with or without a permit:

  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Detention facilities
  • Courtrooms
  • Election polling places
  • Government meeting places
  • Financial institutions
  • Professional and collegiate athletic events
  • Schools and colleges
  • Churches
  • Emergency rooms
  • Political rallies and fundraisers
  • Establishments that sell alcohol for on-premises consumption
  • Private establishments — including places of employment — that disallow guns.
  • ((I personally believe that after studying territorial jurisdiction, for 20 plus years, all the above only apply in land that is a ‘possession or territory of the United States’, that is in Nebraska.

NOTE – The above list is applicable to events done on non-USA owned land only as a respect for the proprietors preference and has no relationship to State of Nebraska written law unless the land is owned by the USA.

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