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Posted: 27th June 2016 by admin in Best of the Best

BEST of the Best, clips, speeches, etc. selected this month by Paul John Hansen.

Informative material that I believe stands out and is considered quality material to listen to at your leisure.

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  1. Loaded 7-30-2016 – ‘Tools of Dominion‘,       PDF                    (1287 pages) [dbox]        Gary North’s Tools of Dominion: The Case Laws of Exodus is perhaps one of the most important books ever to be written during the 20th century. Like Rushdoony’s Magnum Opus, The Institutes of Biblical Law, Tools of Dominion is a work focusing its commentary on the long neglected aspect of scriptural cause and effect otherwise known as casuistry. Tools of Dominion seeks to provide the reader with a thorough understanding and explanation of economics according to scriptural axioms found in the Old Testament case laws. North says that there is a direct correlation between what a society experiences in terms of social, economic and cultural decline and when it behaves in disobedience to God’s declared laws as enunciated in the Old Covenant. Likewise he posits the truth that the positive sanctions of the covenant are also in effect. Thus, nations are blessed socially, economically and culturally when it obeys God’s Laws.Following the form and thinking of previous free market scholars, Von Mises, Hayek, Friedman, etc. North outlines their economic outlines to construct a biblically based free enterprise alternative. North establishes the idea, with a plethora of Scriptural evidence I might add, that economics is not a neutral discipline devoid of divine epistemological presuppositions. On the contrary, given that everything under the sun is created by God, North contends, so too is economics. The discipline itself comes from the mind of God and thus its assumptions concerning value, trade, human interaction, etc. Hence, North makes pertinent queries to help us answer the questions that economics seeks to answer. For example, why is gold valued all over the world? Why does gold have value? Who imputed value to gold and why is that authority to be trusted?