M1S-45– Counsel Contract, Agreement. Safe from practicing without a license. ($2.50)     Click > “HERE” to order.

A contract that stops US judges from interfering with your right to counsel (none bar attorney counsel).

How you can use this document to have me, or others, join your court proceedings, in person (seated right beside you), or telephonically, without fear of anyone being challenged as to “practicing law without a license”.

They hate it when you have ready access to knowledgable counsel.

Counsel is a right due to all Americans, as evidenced in the “Bill of Rights”. Rights can not be denied without the court losing subject matter jurisdiction.

Such rights are ‘not‘ afforded to US citizens, seek counsel time with me for this complicated determination.

In 2015 I was in Federal Court and demanded this right, denied, and my Federal Prosecutor leaned over and said (whispered); “you may have just won your case”. The major part of the case was won, the first win in the Federal Northern District in 10 years. They dismissed the case the day before the trial.