M1S – 90 MSO, New Auto, Saved 5000$ on plating fees.

‘MSO Retention’, new automobile purchases, success.

  1. Client wished to buy a new $50,500.00 sports car.
  2. Client wishes to retain the MSO (Manufacturing Statement of Origin) from the car dealership.
  3. Instructions – xxxx
  4. Client told dealership he did not want a loan, only direct payment.
  5. Client showed up on the day of closing and handed the owner of the dealership xxxx
  6. Dealership said he has no way of xxxx
  7. Client said that he has a friend xxxx
  8. Dealer said great.
  9. Client handed 50k xxxx
  10. Dealer then commenced writing a receipt to Client for xxxx
  11. Client said can I make a call to the local State Attorney General to make sure xxxx
  12. Client contacted State Attorney General, explained what the Dealer was doing with the receipt of payment, state attorney general said that would be a false receipt and a felony if it is over 300$.
  13. State attorney general proceeded to tell the Dealer to xxxx  
  14. Client saved more than 5000$ in tax, and xxxx 6% luxury tax, and he also now has the MSO.
  15. Client got a state xxxx from the Governor on the MSO, xxxx
  16. Then the Client had a copy xxxx laser engraved on two metal, front and rear, license size plates. (You can use durable plastic if you wish.)
  17. 2009 to the present (2020) client is often traveling from far middle-south to far north-east of America, no problems, with just an occasional short stop by state patrol.
  18. I do not know how he handles traffic citations; I trust he gets them occasionally; the car is rated as 1600 HP off the crank.
  19. Thus far no one has elected to find its top speed.

7/2020 – Lawyer, Paul John Hansen, freeinhabitant.info

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