Posted: 3rd June 2020 by admin in Travel Rights

15$ Package, how to serve the proper government departments to get documentation of proof on/for non-governance, non-inclusion.

  1. All U.S. government agencies rely predominately on their misleading paper trail to give a presumption of administration, or inclusion.
  2. This is the case with registrations, licenses, and every taxable activity.
  3. We provide precise documents that force the various government agencies to correct their records and give you the necessary documents (apostille certified) to carry with you so you can readily show any ‘policy enforcer’ that you are ‘not to be detained’, and ‘not to be arrested’, unless observed in violating a true crime.
  4. Remember they must provide remedy, or be held personally commercially liable, as a matter of law.
  5. Lawyer Hansen –
  6. To order click on M1S 98.