TOOLS to Force Remedy.

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The people I work with have achieved remedy in excess of four (4) billion dollars using the below. A chess game of many pieces, not easily won. One gets to be a master chess player by losing thousands of games, we have lost thousands to get to the point of now losing few. You need not repeat our progression, simply utilize our services.

  1. FOIA Request;
  2. FDCPA Request;
  3. Administrative Process;
  4. Notary Presentment,
  5. Video recording of mailing contents;
  6. Filing in a government office for later need for certified copies for court evidence;
  7. File for Record v. Registration/Recording;
  8. Affidavits / Statements / Verifications;
  9. Negative Armaments;
  10. Positive Averments;
  11. Challenges;
  12. Motions;
  13. Judicial Notice;
  14. Aid of U.S. Marshals upon judges duty to follow the law;
  15. Use judges tenure as leverage;
  16. ‘Bill of Rights of 1791’, as afforded to you as a man with unalienable rights;
  17. Make no statements, keep full burden on moving party;
  18. Use ‘calls for a legal determination’;
  19. Common Law of Man v. Common Law of ‘Persons’ / ‘States’;
  20. Courtesy, non-accusatory, non-emotional, grace;
  21. Use the sealing of the case in your financial favor (leverage).
  22. Proof of clearance/independence by Governor with State Apostille.


Sunday, 17 October 2021

Dear Chris,

Good afternoon.  Pray all well.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply & information.

For the last thirty (30) years, these statutes

have been successfully employed right to the present,

with happy, Liberty preserving, regular results,

by occasioning constitutionally sworn law enforcement officials

to be immediately, physically present,

in courtrooms or any other settings,

to promptly restore Civil Liberties (under 18 USC 245),

should breaches occur within their sight.

18 USC 245  specifically empowers all sworn law enforcement


                    –  including  federal, state & local  – 

to enforce these federal civil liberties statutes

in any state, territory, or district they happen to be in  – 

subject to The People’s Original Authority 

memorialized in the US Constitution and

operated in Article VI. 

Thus, a new hire, sworn patrolman from Paducah, KY

on vacation in the US Virgin Islands,

observing a deprivation of rights under color of law,

may arrest an offender with full constitutional authority.

Indeed, Citizens likewise have their Original Authority

in such circumstances  –  where ever they happen to observe

an offense  –  to effect their Citizens Arrests based on

their highest Original Authority as The People.

It happens very quickly  –  as you can imagine it would,

for those intimately familiar with operation of law,

such as judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, clerks, and others  –

that they return smartly to constitutional compliance,

not wishing to suffer career ending episodes,

which can become irrevocable, with alarming rapidity,

in the presence of sworn arresting officers or

The People.

Generally, it becomes a teaching moment  –

with not uncommon result that above offenders,

are grateful for the moment of grace,

to learn of the reality of their constitutional obligation

to preserve Liberty 

and they become some of the best advocates

for operating law with that consideration uppermost,

thenceforward  –  an important multiplier effect

for Christ’s Liberty across society… a revival, per se.

Thus, in present moment, above technique becomes

                          Ready, Complete,


for folks in all US counties to quickly bring an end

to overreaching mandates locally  –  with full

Supreme Law of The Land, Article VI effect.

Thank you for your other information Chris. 

Thinking for deploying this muscular, streamlined,

directed, Article VI Constitutional Enforcement Remedy,

is that it can be done promptly,

with highest Original Authority,

without necessity of further lawyering on local law,

and with the thing speaking for itself, in simplicity.

   Chris, would you have interest in gathering

   freedom loving, like-minded citizens in New York

   to receive additional operating tips in this application,

   for their prompt deployment in your liberty challenged state?

Please say.

Thank you for your ongoing service to our country.

With My Compliments,

Liberty In Christ,


    —– Forwarded message —–         From:  Chris
Date:   Saturday, 16 October 2021   
To:       Christopher
Subj:    FW: San Diego Police Can Arrest Officials             Requiring Mandates on Federal Felony Charges

Whether a Sheriff has original authority over Federal law as opposed to State Penal Code per se has been kicked around involving immigration law that I argue is covered in provisions of that law but it has been debated for 30 years to my direct knowledge. However, in developing a RICO case (a very difficult action as with a qui tam case ends up with an attorney in charge) that can be civilly acted on uses State PENAL Law violations – criminal law is wholly within a Sheriff’s Jurisdiction, and is a component of RICO by design; but the gist of this matter is criminal not civil – The Nuremberg Code unlike  the Helsinki Accords as a treaty was never approved by the Senate depends on State Penal Code and even the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights is evisceraated has many omitted exceptions especially thanks to Reagan until Sen. Proxmire came along in 1986 with his Anti-Genocide law.     However, to the extent  that ALL public officers take an oath first to the state constitution and then to uphold the Federal Constitution under the 14th amendment there may be traction.There are 3006  Sheriffs, LEOs, in this country with original jurisdiction over criminal violations. I cannot think of a single reason to have the Federal Government other than to collect taxes to make progress payments to foreign entities on debt service per se and to violate state citizens rights.      See,  Chris       ____      

     —– Original Message —–       
From:  Deacon             
Sent:    Saturday, 16 October 2021   

Subj:    San Diego Police Can Arrest Officials Requiring Mandates on Federal Felony Charges

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Dear Friends & Fellow Citizens,

Good evening.  Pray all well.

News reports describe 90% of San Diego Police Officers
do not wish to participate in the Injection Fraud.

It is similar across the country.

Please see,

  “90 Percent of San Diego Police Opposed to Vaccine…”

Sadly, the following Helpful Comment
was immediately Shadowed Banned
from the Comments Section
of the above article at, Citizen Free Press,

  “…The San Diego Police have only to use
    the ‘Legal Brief & Courtesy Notice’
    seen at

    As sworn Constitutional Law Enforcement Officers
    they have Full Authority to Detain & Arrest
    Public Officials Illegally Requiring Mandates,
    on Felony Federal Charges, under,

        ‘Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law’,  18 USC 242,
        ‘Conspiracy Against Rights’,  18 USC 241.

    Both Sections carry 10 yr. Prison Sentences & Fines.

    Also, ‘Federally Protected Activities’ in  18 USC 245,
    expressly Authorizes Sworn Local Officers to Detain & Arrest
    Any Official who Deprives Anyone of their Federal Civil Liberties…

                                       Anywhere,  Anytime.

    This will End Mandates Immediately,
    County by County,
    in All 3,142 US Counties,
    under Authority of the US Constitution,
    Article VI, using Natural Law from Nature’s God.

    See the Legal Brief.”

The above 18 USC Sections, as Laws of the United States,
in pursuance of the US Constitution,
are The Supreme Law of The Land,
per Article VI,
and are always Senior  –  and never junior or subordinate  –
to any other statute, ordinance, regulation, edict, mandate,
custom or usage.

Meanwhile, it appears Citizen Free Press is a ‘limited hangout’
designed to keep Americans in a ‘complaining,
defeatist frame of mind’, instead of simply Rising Up
to operate their God-given, Constitutional Authority
restoring their Full Liberty, in the moment.

Freedom is yours America.  Take it.

Thank you.

Liberty In Christ,


  Please see Attachments.

  Your ‘Walking Liberty’ awaits you.


((BACK UP IS FOUND IN EMAIL 21-10-18 BROOKS) (Lewis v. Clark, Indemnity Claim)





  1. Linda McFadden says:

    I need help so desperately. I’m holding off the Baal Priests in my local court. They stopped me said I was swerving. NO. Said they “received a call”. Which was impossible as I was not on that road long enough. I stood on my rights and told the officer I “did not want to enter into a contract”. Second cop broke into my back door as I sat seat belted waiting for the pen to sign this “swerving” ticket after I relented and gave them my DL. smh. Officer number one must have gone junk yard dog when his partner broke into my back seat and he broke the window in my eyes and mouth. Sent me to the ER. 5 months in jail with no due process. No Miranda, no articulation of a crime AFTER I ASKED SEVERAL TIMES. All on video. NO WARRANT to search my car. No they didn’t ask. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE DNA DEGRADED PEOPLE IN OKLAHOMA?!!!!! I finally have to hustle a SPC, letter Rogatory, etc. I need help. I’m 68 years old and never been in trouble. I’m a retired REALTOR who knows business. This is a learning curve I can handle but I go back to court (been a year of nonsense) 8/18/20. I wish to phone you for a consult please. I’m in demon country and these people want my birth cert BAD evidently!! Help me please.