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Posted: 27th June 2017 by admin in Notary Service


If you need proof of service.

If you are out of state, or in state, PDF me a copy of the signed documents and I’ll mail them as a NOTARY OF THE STATE (An Officer of the Court), this serves as legal service in all jurisdictions in America Common Law courts, and also in all US courts.

Administrative Process with Notary Presentment can be a tremendous tool to force any man, state or private, to provide evidence for you to win a judgment, that you generally can not get in a US court environment in many cases.

See M1S-65 (MS10065) at > CLICK HERE.

I can generally do it at a very low cost, mostly because it needs to be done, much of America’s liberties depends on this.

Paul John Hansen –

Estimated Cost:

Generally, a single notary presentment mailing takes between 15 to 30 minutes. It all depends on how large the mailing is, how many people it is mailed to, (more people generally gets the cost down per mailing due to efficiency due to volume), how organized it is when I get it, and how much difficulty I have in assembling the product and filling in all the documents as to the mailing affidavit. The more the client does the less I have to do, thus a lower charge from me. I presently charge 35$ per hour. Each mailing has two notary actions on my end. My aiding notary generally does not charge for his services, and I only charge 35$ per hour, so if it only takes 15 minutes it is only $8.75 for labor plus the printing, envelopes, and certified mailing charge by USPS. I have done close to one hundred mailing and have never had a client complain of the cost, most say I am half the fee of other notaries. I also act as the receiving party for any reply from the mailing as additional evidence for the court process. This process is a 7th amendment court recognized process.


  1. JONATHAN says:

    I can have an affidavit notarized in California and you can witness the response from the

    If yes, what is your fee to mail to Respondent?
    What is your fee to witness the response and produce Certificate Of Response or Non-Response?

    • admin says:

      35$/hour. It all depends on how much I need to do, some take 15 minutes, others 30, I do several every week.

  2. Jamie John Nichols says:

    So do you also take care of the opportunity to cure then present the default judgement on them ? and this can be done by you though licensed in another State ? just curious because i’m interested.
    >>>> You can do it one mailing or three, all it acts as is evidence before a Judge.
    If you are taking it to a US judge 3 may be best, if common law one is accepted.
    State jurisdictions have no bearing.