Are you eager to say you are “in” the United States REpublic?                                                                                              ‘republic 786’

Defined: ‘RE public’ = you consent to be RE-presented in a body politic (association), a choice to be independent dependent of on others.

The Declaration of Independence 1776 created separation from a monarchy (King Rule).
Once separated, how where the people governed?
The answer, though not commonly known, is ‘common law’.
Common law is simply a fair, biblical trial, of “your” community.
Life was simple, one could do as he wished as long as he did not violate the right of another man, and when a violation was claimed by a man six to twelve men (common law jury) decided the legitimacy of that claim and ordered remedy.
Then came the offer of a ‘republic’ form of government.
So what happens to ‘independence’?
Did it change, did it disappear?
The answer is no. Only you can consent to change.
By contracting with the ‘republic’ government.
Apart from contract you are independent, with contract you have ‘limited’ association obligations.
Now if you are in a US court and they show evidence of ‘association’ (contract) with the US government, the court now has evidence of personal jurisdiction, and they proceed to destroy you.
US courts have taken on demonic practices, you are highly unlikely to get justice in such a court.
Solution is? Stay independent. Force them to prove association (contract, consent).
If they can not, they have no jurisdiction to proceed, and they must shift to a common law court which they (US agents) seldom win in.
US courts insure US progress, US progress is “statism”, statism is the opposite of independence.
Americans safety is in God, God in not allowed in US courts, God is the foundation of common law courts.

For a man to use a “tool” we call “a republic” to manage entities is one thing, such use is far different than a man consenting to be governed by “a republic”. The government communicated to me that registering to vote is seeking governance.

So the next time you associate yourself with “the REpublic” you may be assuring a loss of the “Independence” you really hope for.

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Paul John Hansen 4-2016

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