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Testimonial letters that I have received over the years:

17. 1-28-2019 You’re absolutely the best resource in the country for these kinds of issues that have been plaguing the American public for decades now. Keep up the good work.  You are absolutely doing God’s Will with all of this.  S McDermott in CA.

16. 1-25-2019 Your products are the only material that has worked for me, and I have tried many. Saved my house and got the IRS of my back. D Smith in CA

15. 5-9-17 Paul, just a short testimonial for you to share with others who may be in a situation similar to that I had. After receiving a notice and demand from the bank concerning over $13,000.00 being owed to them for a credit card account, I was told to pay in full or risk legal action. About a month later I was served with a civil lawsuit for over $15,000.00 from the attorneys claiming to represent this same bank. I began to research and found your sites – pauljjhansen.com and freeinhabitant.info. I contacted you and we began working together. Your tools and wisdom that I applied in court allowed me to have their Motion For Summary Judgment DENIED….wherein the case was set for trial. I continued to consult with you and apply your tools and fight back and as a result the attorneys voluntarily dismissed the case. Thanks to you and your wisdom that was applied I won. It was a battle but you guided me through it. I am not a man trained in the legal field and have very little comprehension of the court system….but if you pay attention and study as Paul guides you, and dismiss the fear you too can fight back and stop these lying thieves….but it takes due diligence and being open to listen and allowing yourself to be guided….   Thanks so much Paul and looking forward to continued studies.  Raj in North Carolina

14. Paul I did what you said, subpoenaed the officer, asked him if there was a “contract” involved with this traffic case, he said no, the judge cut in and said prosecutor any comment, prosecutor said no, judge said this case is dismissed, prosecutor looked a little stunned. I do not even know what happened but it did. Went home a happy traveler.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Tray, Texas

13. I am completing a PhD in International Law and Comparative Courts and I find your point of view and legal position fascinating.

George, Connecticut

12. Wow, this material I got from you was worth every penny, a hundred, thousand times over, thanks, it may have saved us over one hundred thousand dollars in zoning fines.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Bill and Pam, New York

11. Paul has taught me that there are three things to remember about law, 1. Territorial jurisdiction, 2.Territorial jurisdiction, and 3. Territorial jurisdiction, it changed from “sit down and keep quiet or I’ll charge you with contempt of court”, to Mr. Abelson the prosecution has decided to dismiss the case.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Jose, New Mexico

10. I added you as my 6th amendment, Bill of Rights” counsel in my court filed papers, also listed your two websites, and they dismissed, WOW, I still do not believe it.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Angela, Alabama

9. No more learning their rules that change every-time I start to win, now I challenge if the law applies: 1. to me as a man, 2. to the activity, 3. and upon the land the activity occurred. Amazingly simple, and I get that wonderful deer in the headlights look from attorneys. Thanks Paul!    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Sha, Oregon

8. Mountains of good material that I have actually use to win with.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

7. I have ordered a great many of Hansen’s products, and have yet to be disappointed in a single one. Even if my time was worth nothing I could never justify digging other sites to get this information. And best of all he is available to talk for next to nothing in my book. Paul you should charge more.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Steve, Ontario, Canada

6. I love baffling my law graduate friends about territorial jurisdictional limits on the Federal Government, they just do not want to see that the US Government only governs what has been given them constitutionally, which is a lot less that what the ride roughshod over now.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Tammy, Florida

5. Now that I know all taxes that touch me, in anyway, are by “consent” this changes my “challenge” (paradigm) process in every way. I use to try to prove this or that, now I force them to prove.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

William, Iowa

4. After reading all that Hansen offers I feel that I have much more knowledge than my friends who went to law school.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Pam, Pennsylvania

3. I consider this information on these two sites priceless (freeinhabitant.info & pauljjhansen.com), Mr Hansen has a gift of showing the simplictic stucture of American law, as to all relationships with the United States are by contract, and noneother.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Gary, Nebraska

2. I would have save myself tens of thousands of dollars if I would have found freeinhabitant.info when I was starting out in the business world.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Daniel, California

  1. I have been looking for so many answers for the last twenty years.

Mr Hansen has answered more of my questions in his two sites than I have found in hundreds of others in the last twenty agonizing years.    Yes I highly recomend this material.

Bill, Indiana


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