State “Registration” is State Confiscation.

Posted: 14th October 2014 by admin in Registration

“Registration” comes from Latin “rex, regis” etc. meaning regal.

So think about what occurs to whatever you ‘register’ – you hand legal title over to the Crown. When you register anything with the public, it releases legal title to the government corporation and leaves you with only equitable title – the right to use, not own, and for that use you will pay a ‘use’ tax which is every tax, be it income, sin, sales, property, etc. as opposed to lawful taxes – excise and impost. So that it doesn’t appear that the government now owns the property which you have registered they put it in a name which so much resembles your own that you won’t suspect it, however, the NAME is owned by the government. If you choose rather to record your legal title to your property with the public, you maintain your status as Title Owner. This is one of the most important things you can ever learn for the sake of your commercial affairs. –Mary Elizabeth: Croft


I (Hansen) only agree in part to Mary’s argument yet this can be overcome by a ‘court of record’ trial by jury’, common law challenge hearing. They say they have a legal interest in the property when it is registered, I believe it is not ownership but possibly a contract relationship foremost.

  1. Greg says:

    This article is incorrect. Registering something is not “handing over legal title.”

    • admin says:

      True, but why do they enter DMV registration papers during traffic cases, it is assumption of a contract I believe, you must object, they have no confidant fact witness to accompany those documents.

  2. Hugh Jass says:

    Rex means king

  3. Zane Reitmayer says:

    Uh, so I’ve studied Latin for well over a decade, “Registration” does not come from “regis”, it comes from the Latin infinitive “regerere” meaning “to enter on record/to be documented”. They are two completely separate words.

  4. Robert Burke says:

    I’m in Sacramento,CA, and the policy ENFORCER towed my truck today for non current registration. I tried to communicate about our secured right to travel freely,unencumbered, unfettered , he said that he has to register his and so do I. He ticketed me for registration on the truck and travel trailer ,and towed my truck. (Help(suggestions, reading, case law )

  5. admin says:

    We can likely win the case for you even post conviction, you can sue in common law and they must support their claim of subject matter and territorial jurisdiction before twelve pillars of the community.

  6. admin says:

    We can likely win the case post-judgement, common law requires that they have evidence of any judgement.
    If no transportation of cargo or passengers then they have not gained subject matter jurisdiction.