TPH  Agenda      October 03, 201

The below are topic that Paul Hansen will be discussing at the above dated meeting.

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2. Oral Arguments:  Property Tax. November 15, before Nebraska appeals Court.        Take no chance to be arrested.  I’ll call in if anything.

3. Notice of Gun Carry: Sheriff, Governor, Mayor.  No response.   California, Richard McDonald did it and got permission with no license.  I have sent in the same notice.

“No Guns Allowed Story, Store Sign”.         Ski-Mask-foiled again.  Funny.

4. No Agreement to participate in the administrative proceedings.  Myrtle-  Property tax cases.  Other house-

5. They Are Not Your Public Servants:  They are US INC. employees.

6. No Warrant Issued:  9-9-11 Sarpy County Arraignment.   As of 9-29-11 no warrant issued yet, clerk said that was odd.  Expired Plates, Suspended License, No Liability Insurance.

7. Douglas County Refuses to give me statement that no warrant related ‘Oath or Affirmation’ is in the File Record.  Two letters requesting with post paid return addressed envelopes, with digital camera proof of mailing.

8. Notary Assisted, Foreign Judgment:  B & B Garage / Tow Company.                   (Anyone knows the owners name?)  No court order, of private property, or safely parked.  Sheriff became judge.  “NO AGREE Paul Hansen”.  3 day window.     FL.  X-Judge.

9. NOTARY:  Iowa, 30$ plus cost of stamp.   (No Date on stamp!  = reusable.)

10. Kent Hovind Forfeiture:  Brief on Line.

11. Kent Hovind Quite Title Action:  US Administrator (Court) had no jurisdiction to have title conveyance.  Filed as a right, saved $945.00.        Clerk said 16 years and have never seen it.  90 day to pay turned over to collections.  Affidavit of poverty.                           Now attempting to have it moved to Federal Court….                                                   Correct the Record – US Court had no jurisdiction.

12. PBS (Public Broadcast Service)   Will not put it in writing of, even though they promises to add it to there article.

13. Common Law Lien, 5$ per hour 24/7 value upon property.  Successfully filed at Washington County Registrar of Deeds.


13. Steve Anders- Demand upon Court Clerk to bill in “Money of Account”.

Gold or Silver Dollar.

(Sell car for 10 dollars is that 10 gold or is it 10 silver dollars, which is it.

Money of Account “for” the UNITED STATES


Legal Tender

Supreme Authority        U.S. Const. 1787, Art. 1, Sec. 8,10.    “Law of the Land”.


Money of Account         Coinage Act of 1792





412.5 grains 90% fine silver. Coinage Act, 1792.




1/42 troy oz. of gold.  31 U.S.C. 314, 821.


Lawful Money  12 U.S.C. 152


US Mint


Gold Coin of the US

Silver Coin of the US


All the rest is “Legal Tender”, which is not of the type of “money of account” that can be demanded when making payment upon dept demands by any agency / court / office of the UNITED STATES, yet can be received if not objected to by ether party.

Such as:

Any coin that is not gold or silver that is not of the specification of, or coined by the US Mint. Pursuant to the Coinage Act of 1792.


Any script money.


The below is a presentment for the September 2011 meeting held in Omaha, Nebraska, at 6:30 114 Center Street, Garden Cafe conference room.


Staying independent, and how to act when confront by a Government Officer when “not” standing on land owned by the USA.

Standing or driving on land not owned by the USA:

Officer- What is your name?

Hansen- Who are you?

O- A City of Omaha Police Officer.

H- How can I help you?

O- What is your name?

H- Are you ordering me to give you my name?

O- Yes.

H- By what written law do you rely upon that creates a duty upon me to give you my name?

O- If you refuse to give me your name I’ll place you under arrest.

H- It appears that this land is not owned by the United States of America.  Have you been given information that this land we are standing on is land that a Legislature has given your employer authority to enforce written law on?

O- Your name NOW, or you are under arrest.

H- If you arrest me I demand that you take me to a Magistrate immediately for an examination hearing.  Also if you have not fact evidence that this land that we are standing on is within the “exclusive Legislative.. Authority” of your employer, pursuant to Article 1, Section 8, (par.17) USA Const. 1787, your acts and all damages will be done in your private capacity.

O- I have decided not to arrest you, sign this ticket, for a promise to appear.

H- I do not wish to sign any document for such is a contract that I do not wish to consent to.

O- If you do not sign the citation I will arrest you.

H- If you arrest me my demand is the same as stated earlier.

O- You are under arrest.

H- Take me before a Magistrate that has jurisdiction over your district now.

A- Booking.

O- What is your name?

H- Take me before a Magistrate now.

O- We have your name off the documents you were carrying. Sign here.

H- Are we on camera? Take me before a Magistrate now.

O- Sleep well tonight.

H- I need a pin and paper to submit a habeas Corpus.

Before the Magistrate:

H- I have demanded an examination hearing at all times at the time of my arrest and was refused until now.  The hearing was due me immediately pursuant to the fifth amendment, of the United States Constitution of 1787, ((nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; )) therefore is a due process violation, this court then lacks jurisdiction to hold me over for any proceeding and must give an order for release.

Judge- Prosecutor what do you have to offer.

Prosecutor- Mr. Hansen violated the law when in the City of Omaha, within the County of Douglas, within the State of Nebraska, and we have jurisdiction to hold him.

H- I challenge now that the Prosecutor produce evidence that I was standing on land, at the time of the arrest, that he proves it is land owned buy, or has been ceded to the, United States of America.  I also demand that the individuals that arrested me, place on the record, all essential elements of his assumed authority to make the arrest and jailing me against my will.

P- “Everyone” knows Mr. Hansen was in the City of Omaha, within the County of Douglas, within the State of Nebraska, as the citation states.

H- This Prosecutor can not testify and be a prosecutor at the same time; I demand that he be sworn in so that his statements can be cross examined.  If not I want this individual he calls “everyone” sworn in so that I can cross examine his claims.  Also I want all statements that I object to, as stated by the Prosecutor, to be stricken from the record as evidence before the court, for he is bared from testifying as a prosecutor.

J- Mr. Hansen I have been at this addressed location and know personally that it is in the City of Omaha, within the County of Douglas, within the State of Nebraska.

H- I object, if you wish to testify, I demand that you be sworn in first and I be allowed to cross examine all your statements.

J- Prosecutor do you have anything else?

P- No your Honor.

H- I demand that I be released immediately for the arresting party has not proven that the land I was arrested on is of the type that is owned by the United States of America, which is essential for this United States Court to have jurisdiction over my acts done on that land.

J- Bond set at 500 Dollars.

H- What type of dollar are you demanding as a bond?

J- The same dollar that everyone buys food with every day.

H- I have never met this “everyone” person that is referenced, what type of dollar are you demanding, a silver dollar, or a gold dollar, or some other type of dollar.

J- Any type of a dollar do you want to pay.

H- Is this a United States court?

J- Yes.

H- Does the Legislative bodies that have authority over this court have written laws as to the type of dollar you must use as the “money of account” of this United States court as associated with court orders in bonds?

J- Yes.

H- And what is that “money of account” as associated with a dollar consists of?  Is it gold or silver coin?

J- Mr. Hansen if I order you to return for a hearing, will you return as instructed.

H- I always return to a court that has jurisdiction as instructed.

J- Hansen shall be released on his own recognizance.

Hansen did not return, as instructed, warrant issued:

Hansen then immediately (or waits to be damaged by being arrested) and submits, by mailing, a Habeas Corpus, with out oral arguments, instruction the court to search the record for an oath and affirmation in support of the warrant that the court issued, pursuant to the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution of 1787.  ((“and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation”)) If none is found the court is instructed to dismiss the warrant for the due process violation, and also dismiss the case as a separate motion.

The court loses all power to act, except to dismiss, due to the violation of the 4th Amendment.

Generally one gets 10,000 dollars for false arrest, prosecutorial misconduct.



Notice to Douglas County Sheriff, City of Omaha


Sheriff, Tim Dunning                                                                              Mailed 8-30-2011

156th & West Maple

Omaha, Nebraska 68102


Mayor, City of Omaha – Office of the Mayor
1819 Farnam Street, Suite 300 Omaha, NE 68183


Governor, of the State of Nebraska

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 94848
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848


Paul John Hansen

1548 N 19

Omaha, Nebraska 68110,

without the United States.


Re: Notice of my intent to purchase and carry a hand gun with a rifled barrel.


a. Notice to all the above addressed individuals.

b. I intend on buying a hand gun with a rifled barrel, with approximately a 4 inch long barrel.

c. I intend on carrying it at all times with me for my own personal safety.

d. I’ll be carrying it only on land that is not owned by the United States of America, within the exterior boundaries of the territory (land) called Nebraska.

e. My lawful standing is a “free inhabitant” as the term is used in Article IV of the Articles of Confederation of 1777.

f. I ask for assistance, for I need notice of what lands are owned by the United States of America within the said Nebraska exterior boarders. Please provide the location of a Map that would clearly identify such United States proprietary governed lands.

g. I will be carrying the hand gun at times in a covered manner, from public view (concealed), and at other times in full view much the same as various government employees carry them on land not owned by the United States of America.

h. I write this not as seeking permission but as a notice, for in the past my conversation with many employees of the City of Omaha, Douglas County, and the State of Nebraska, I have been warned that to do such is against the law, and was informed I would be arrested.

i. If it is against the law to do such an act on land not owned by the United States of America, please give me the written law that supports such a claim.

j. Please verify if the following statement is true:  The “State of Nebraska” consists of only the land within the exterior boundaries of the territory called Nebraska that is owned by the United States of America.

k. If I do not get a different clarification that what line “j” describes, it shall be deemed as true, and as long as I stay off of such land that the STATE OF NEBRASKA written laws do not apply to me in regards as my common right to self defense (hand gun), and independence from governance by such said STATE statutes (written law).

l. Also is it a violation of one or more of the four Organic Laws (constitutions) of the United States of America, sometimes called the United States, to apply self defense limitations by STATE statute upon lands not within the authorized scope (authority / jurisdiction) of the said entities.

m. Is it not a violation of various United States written laws, termed as “Oaths of Office”

to impose STATE statutory license and registration on those like myself who carry such defense devices (hand guns) when on land to which “exclusive Legislative..Authority” does not extend, as found pursuant to Article I, Section 8, (par.17) USA Constitution of 1787 as expounded in the below mentioned brief.

n. And is a common law remedy for “without” the United States appropriate for correcting such unauthorized expansion of written authority. SEE Brief at www.

o. I ask that the response to this letter be done, by an authorized employee, of each of the addressed entities, and signed in blue ink, for potential, future, direct examination needs.

p. I need an official document, from the above addressed entities, that in my acts of the above described intended measures for self defense, a document that I can carry and present to any of the employees of the listed addressed entities of Sheriff, Mayor, and Governor, to clearly inform such employees that as long as I am not on land owned by the United States of America, that I shall not be statutorily restricted or molested in anyway, unless I am acting out a common law felony in the presence of any of the said employees.


Submitted by ____________________, “free inhabitant” Paul John Hansen

Record / Proof of Mailing

That on the 30 day of the 8th month of 2011, at ___:___ o’clock am – pm, the signed, did mail, by US First Class, post-paid, to the above addressed individual(s), Sheriff, Mayor, and Governor, an envelop, by digitally recording the same, and all of its contents, being sealed, and deposited in an un-retrievable United States Postal Service Mail Box, all pertaining to this 2 page letter.

Video Title- _____________________________________________________.


Blue ink signature-______________________ Paul John Hansen

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